Teaching Assistant Myths - Busted!

This is a post dedicated to all the secondary school students who aren't quite sure if Teaching Assistants are human or not. Today, I'm going to be busting some myths for ya. Enjoy!

We know the answers to everything in the world ever. 
No, I don't have the map coordinates to where Mrs Smith happens to be in the school right now. I don't know where you'll find your report card. I certainly don't know where you can buy a new tie from and no, I don't know what the sun's mass is.

We aren't 'real' teachers or even human beings so, please, do whatever the fuck you want in our presence. 
Would you use that language in front of your parents? Would you tell one of your other teachers that you're not going to do the work set? Would you sit with your phone blatantly on the desk in your maths lesson? Would you tell your teacher they're 'not clever' enough to help you with your work? No, I don't think you would, either.

We are there for entertainment purposes and banter.
We don't spend half our lives chasing up your teachers, figuring out what subject areas you need to work on then plan decent intervention lessons for you to arrive presuming that we're playing games for an hour. No my friend. This is not a youth club.

We like and have time for everyone.
The less I know about you, the better. We're not learning mentors, therapists or psychologists. We are there to teach. I don't want to know that you got grounded for swearing at your sister. I don't want to know what you got up to with your cronies on the park last night. And I absolutely do not want you to walk to and from school with me!

We're your friend. We won't get you in trouble. 
You are so wrong. Put a toe out of line and I'll give you a det at the end of the day and tell your SSO.

Please don't hesitate to put all the naughty kids in your class on my table. I can handle it. 
If you can't handle five disruptive children on individual tables in opposite corners of the classroom. How do you expect me to get something done with them all in one group? Enlighten me.


Although I have enjoyed being a TA over the last 7 months there are certain things that really nark me off. It's a funny position to have within a school because your role is to teach or supervise depending on what level you're at. But the students know that you're not a real teacher. So it goes one of a few ways. Some of them are totally fine with you and treat you the same way they would anyone else. Some of them think you're their friend which is nice, but it puts you in a an awkward situation when it comes to discipline. Then some of them are so disrespectful you would't believe it. I literally had one student openly tell me she thought I 'wasn't clever enough' to help her with her English work. She soon got brought down a peg or two.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to write a post about some of the things I can clearly see going through the student's minds. Take it lightly, it is supposed to be a little humorous and exaggerated.

Hope you enjoyed reading,
Leanne x

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