2016 Goals Progress | April

I'm a day late in writing this post as it's supposed to go up in April but the fact that I've written it at all is a bloody miracle. I've been pretty absent around the blogosphere this year so I can tell you there's at least one 'goal' that I'm already failing at. Despite that, I'm going to write it now, catch you all up and have a chin wag.

January's Goals Post

So, let's review my 2016 Goals (I'm feeling nervous)....

1. Write at least 8 posts a month 

Umm *cough* fail *cough* It was pretty ambitious considering I wasn't doing fantastically well at the end of last year with writing posts. I think I might amend this post to 1 good quality post per week and see if that's any more successful. I'm annoyed with myself more than anything because I really love reading old blog posts and at this rate I'll have nothing to look back on!

2. Open a Help To Buy ISA

YAY! I actually opened my Halifax ISA back in January and the savings are coming along nicely. I think I might have enough for a house deposit around age 50.

No, but seriously, I'm pretty pleased with myself. Considering I do enjoy spending every last penny I earn. 

3. Say 'yes' more

I think I gave myself this goal because I kept turning down plans for no reason. Everyone needs a break, sometimes you just do, especially when you work in a hectic environment like I do you just need some time on your own. But I've found that 'down time' doesn't always have to be sitting alone. You can chill out with friends, you can wind down over food and a drink. It doesn't always have to be on your own. I've also found that just being in different company is very refreshing. 

So, I do think I've been more open to going out and making plans. Quite happy with this. 

4. Visit interesting places and collect souvenirs

We got off to a slow start but I have things booked, at the end of May, I'm going to Prague with my friends for 5 days. I'm excited for the 'biggest club in middle Europe' which I can never remember the name of. And in August I've booked a trip to London with my Mum and Sophie, we're spending two days in London then going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour on the way back which should be fun!

Also, I need to write a post about this trip but in April, over the Easter holidays, I went to Poland. We stayed in Krakow for 3 days, visited Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Salt Mines which is something I've always wanted to do; as morbid as that sounds. It was such an amazing yet haunting experience and I definitely need to write a post soon to show you all! Someone mither me until I write it! 

5. Read More

Okay, so you may have seen the Reading Challenge I posted about back in January which I said I wanted to attempt. I've achieved 1.5 of these suggestions.


The first being 'A book you own but have never read' - this was a book called The Collaborator by Margaret Leroy. Set in 1940s Occupied Guernsey, it tells the story of Vivienne, an English mother of two, whose adulterous husband has been sent to fight in WW2 and her forbidden love affair with Gunther, a German soldier living on the island. A fantastic, easy read which definitely highlights how brutal living throughout a war must've been. 

The second being 'A book published this year' - this was The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley. It wasn't published this year exactly but it was published last year which is close enough. It's a good story but veeeery slow I need stuff to happen quick. I'm over two thirds of the way through and I feel like nothing's going to happen until the final chapter. I will finish it. Eventually. I think the problem may be that it reminds me too much of the books I had to read on my uni course so maybe my brain thinks there a 2,500 word essay in the near future and is trying to avoid it. 

6. Scrapbook 2016

Oh the plans I had. This is an even bigger fail than the 'writing 8 posts a month' goal simply because of the money I put into it. 

So, I ordered an Erin Condren planner with high hopes of decorating each week and making it all lovely which I did for about 5 weeks but I quickly realised that my Sundays were going nowhere because I was too busy cutting out pink floral stickers. I don't like my Sundays to go nowhere. So I stopped doing it. 

I'm so ashamed of myself because the planner cost a fortune my eyes are watering just thinking about it. I bought a printer for stickers and all sorts of crap and now they're all just sitting there doing nothing. I might put the planner on eBay and see if it sells. 

I have replaced my Erin Condren with a normal diary which I put appointments in and decorate with pictures from the Polaroid Zip which takes minimal effort yet is still nice to look through. 

7. Think about a plan

I still haven't thought about a life plan. I'll report back in August. 


I was going to write a separate 'update' post but that seems dangerously unlikely if I have to look at another blank screen so I'm adding some bullet points here: 

  • I've been very unenthused by makeup recently which is perhaps one of the reasons I haven't been blogging. I follow a lot of makeup blogs and I used to write primarily about makeup but I feel like there might be some change in the wind soon because I'm quickly losing interest.

  • Ich bin lerne Deutsch! So I'm not fluent or anything but at uni I studied German for 2 years and progressed quite quickly but since leaving I haven't really been practicing so I forgot a lot which is a shame. Especially since I love visiting Germany. So I've started learning again. There's a site called Babbel which costs £17 every 3 months and has loads of different courses you can choose from. I'd definitely recommend it. When I get a better grasp of the tenses I may very well write a post in German.

  • Sophie is now a driver. She passed her test and she is legally allowed to roam the streets in a car. This is great for her but depressing for me. Eye transplant anyone? 

  • I recently got one of those Cineworld Unlimited cards after a few people at work recommended it too me and I've been loving it! It's £16 a month to watch as many films as you want so even if you only go twice a month you get your money's worth. So far, we've seen: 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Boy, Midnight Special, Criminal, Friend Request and Bastille Day. All of which have been brill but I think my favourite so far is Criminal. 
That's all I can think to update you on.

Hopefully we'll speak again very soon... rather than in 4 months time.
Leanne x

P.S. Sorry if this has been too long
P.P.S If you're still here, you're my hero



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