Hello Everyone!

2014! That'll take me about a month to get used to writing! 

Are you looking forward to a new year? What do you have going on? Plans, life stuff, holidays? I was thinking about this for myself before and I have kind of an uncertain year ahead of me. I graduate from university in May (if I pass haha) then I have zilch plans. I haven't applied for any further education or a PGCE. I just really don't know what I want to do, so I left it. Slightly scary but what happens will happen. 

The dream is to travel. I'd love to inter-rail around Europe and Asia for a few months. Or I have friends who have offered to let me stay with them to do a years working holiday in Australia. I have the offers. I just can't make the decisions!   

Anyway, on to more pressing topics! I go to Berlin on the 6th! I'm sooo excited! Tom and I are going to celebrate my 21st birthday so it's like a double whammy lol! So excite! I hope there's some good shopping...

Has anyone made any new years resolutions? I don't really tend to anymore, in school they always pressured us in to thinking of something but I just forget anyway. If anything, I want to be more organised.

I'm looking forward to having a full year of blog posts going up next year, i didn't post anything in January this year so I have Feb-December which is really annoying! But it will happen next year.

On Christmas day, I watched the first Hunger Games on DVD so my sister, Tom and I went to watch Catching Fire at the pictures, it was actually really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it but does anyone agree that it's a bit shocking? Especially that it's a 12A, it's really violent and sad at some points. I expect that there has been some upset 12 year olds leaving the pictures after watching it! Still really good though and I'm intrigued enough to read the last book. I just think it should have been a 15 film.

The above picture is my last meal of 2013! We had a curry take out! SO yum and so filling!

Anyway, you'll probably see some kind of what I'm taking to Berlin post in the days to come because we're only taking hand luggage for the full 4 days so that should be fun..not!

Hope you all had a wonderful NYE,
all the best,
Leanne x


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