Favourite YouTubers | Jan 2014

Hello everyone, happy Friday! 

Hope you're all okay and ready for the weekend! I'm so ready for the weekend, I always am but I have an essay to write this weekend so it's going to be a bit of a chore :( I hope yours is more eventful than mine! Do you have any interesting plans?

Truth be told, I didn't have anything scheduled for this Friday. I was going to write a little haul post but I'm waiting for a few things in the post and would like to include them. I didn't have any products pre-photographed for a review but I really didn't want to miss out on a full month of posting every day, on the last day too that'd be a shame. 

So after looking through my drafts I decided to show you my Top 5 YouTubers! I watch quite a few people on YouTube but these are the people who I'll watch as soon as they've uploaded something! The people who I eagerly await a new video from... I'm sure you have your favourites too!

1. Miss Budget Beauty

I love all three of her channels, I think the new Spendaholic channel is great and I totally miss her vlogs from her MeetTheMcCools channel. Mikhila has announced that she will vlog intermittently throughout the year but it's not going to be every other month like it was in 2013. I absolutely see where she's coming from, it must be hard work videoing, editing, uploading several videos on top of blogging, her other job and running a house. But from a selfish point, I do miss having something to watch every night haha. 

Regardless, I love her videos, I have done for years and will continue to. 

2. MammaFulZo

This is a new channel find! I can't take all the credit because I found Zoe through watching MissBudgetBeauty's videos. I don't know about you but I love long videos. I usually watch YouTube videos at night and I enjoy nothing more than sitting there watching videos for hours on end. It's like TV for me, I don't really watch Television so this is my version of that. If you're a fan of long videos, you should subscribe to MammaFulZo's channel! 

This is more of a beauty/lifestyle channel sometime's the videos are makeup related, sometimes they're more chatty. And Zoe always replies to your comments, she's such a lovely lady. 

3. Beauty Broadcast 

Emily is another YouTuber who has several channels, all of which I enjoy. She has a vlog channel called BeautyVlogCast and another beauty channel called BeautyBroadcastExpress! I love these channels for the reviews, Emily always writes really good, insightful reviews. She tells you about the item but doesn't waffle on about needless stuff. I also love her Get Ready With Me videos, I wish there was more of them!

4. BeautyCrush

This is a channel I have been subscribed to for ages but never used to watch the videos. Recently though I have been watching them and really enjoying them. I think I've grown to really love her style, clothing and accessory wise, I really like everything she wears! She's quite the inspiration these days!

5. It's Em

I've just had a mini panic thinking Emma had deleted her channel but she must have changed the name of it from MeetTheMillards to It's Em. I have no idea why but it unsubscribed me! :o 

Anyway, this is another recent channel find, Emma is so lovely, I really enjoy her vlogs and makeup videos although I think the haul videos are my favourite, I think hauls are my favourite videos of everyone to watch haha!

And that's everyone, I am subscribed to a lot of other channels but these are the ones I really enjoy watching at the moment!

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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  1. Miss budget beauty is one of my current favourite youtubers along with essie button and lisa eldridge x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Oo I've never watched a lisa eldridge video, I'll check out her channel :) x

  2. I love Beauty Crush too!


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