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Hello everyone!

For numerous reasons, I rarely ever visit the hairdressers. It takes them hours to do my hair and it's not very often that I feel prepared to sit there that long and I'm very head sore so someone pulling on my hair for a long time can really hurt. Also, I don't like taking the piercings out that I have in my ears through fear of them healing but having them caught by the hairdressers brush is also risky business. 

As a result, I visit the hair dressers about twice a year to have a full head of highlights and a trim. It usually takes about 4 hours and by time it's over I'm ready to stay away for another six months! However, I do like to trim my fringe myself within them six months. 

For a long time I just used normal scissors from my bedroom but one day, whilst perusing eBay, I saw these professional hair scissors and treated myself! They were very inexpensive and I kind of concluded that nothing could be worse than the ones I was currently using. 

When the package arrived, I was really impressed. They come in a nice pouch, very sturdy with room in it to accommodate other tools too. And it included a pair of normal scissors and thinning scissors. 

Of course I tried them out straight away on my side fringe (which I'm sure grows significantly quicker than the rest of my hair) and they worked really well. I don't cut the rest of my hair, it probably wouldn't be straight at all if I attempted that and I dubiously tried the thinning scissors. I was pretty scared that they were going to cut all my hair. From what I experienced though, they are a nifty little find, the only thing I have to compare them to though are kitchen scissors...

The only thing I don't like is that they are a little stiff to use. That should wear off with use though or maybe some oil. Other than that I would highly recommend you get yourself a pair of these if you're one to cut your own hair!

Not only that, you get a fancy pouch to store them in!

This set was £6.99 and you can buy them from the same seller as me by clicking the link below!

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  3. I would say that Japanese scissors, are high end scissors. Use them to trim our Afghan Hounds, and the scissors work like fine surgical instruments. Rather than just getting by with the lesser stuff made you-know-where, these are a world apart. Well worth the investment. Thanks!!!

  4. They are more expensive than ordinary aluminum but if you want a long-lasting hair cutting shear you must be willing to invest in durable materials such as these.

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