eBay iPhone Lens Review | Macro, Fish Eye & Wide Angle.

Hello everyone!

I thought I'd write a little review of the lenses I recently bought from eBay which I mentioned in THIS haul post. I've been using them occasionally over the last few weeks so I thought I'd let you know what I think and show you a few pictures!

Macro Lens: 

Fish Eye Lens:

With Lens:

Without Lens:

Wide Angle Lens:

With Lens:

Without Lens:

Grim weather in them photos I know!

My favourite lens is the Macro lens, not because it's the best performing lens (they all perform very well) but the macro one is the one I use most. It's so good at capturing things in detail. Better than my camera by far. When you put it on, it's blurry, you have to be extremely close to the item you're photographing for it to focus. It comes in very handy for my blog!

The Fish Eye lens is probably great for recording landscapes. It includes so much more of the view than just a normal camera, as you can see from the comparisons above. I'd have loved to have had this in Berlin. I could have recorded some really cool videos and took some good photos but I'll definitely take it on my next trip, where ever that may be. 

I also like the Wide Angle lens, I don't know whether it's just the way I was holding the phone or not but there seems to still be a slight curve in the shot even thought it's not a fish eye lens. As you can see though it does include significantly more of the view than just a normal camera. 

Overall, when you're using the fish eye and wide angle lenses, I do think you loose a little quality. The pictures aren't as clear as the normal camera. However, you get a lot more view in the photograph and they're a lot easier to use than the panorama settings on my iPhone. The lenses are small and compact, easy to use and can be quickly attached to your phone. (I had to work quickly to get that picture of the ladybird before it flew away!). 

One thing I'm not overly keen on is that they are magnets. You have to stick a magnetic ring around your camera for them to stick on. I was a bit concerned about this leaving glue on my phone but so far it hasn't. Also, if you have a case on your phone you have to remove that when you want to use the lenses as the magnets aren't strong enough to hold them on through the case. Another thing is that I think the magnetic ring was designed for an iPhone 5s as it doesn't properly fit on my 5c, it overlaps a little at the top. Having said all that, these are all problems with the style not really with the photos and lenses themselves which work excellently well! I think anyone with a smart phone could benefit from these lenses, especially if you take a lot of photos, they're fun to work with and create interesting and unique photos. 

Price: £7.99
You can buy from the same seller as me from eBay HERE.

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  1. I think the different angle and view looks great, love your review!

    Char | Char's Insights

    1. Thank you! I think they're great lenses especially when you consider the price :) x


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