Homeware and Bits & Bobs Haul!

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that there's been a significant increase in haul posts around these parts recently. Basically, I did a lot of shopping over Christmas and my birthday and I've just got round to making the posts. I've tried to divide items up in to categories. For example, we've had a beauty haul, a clothing and accessories haul and this is going to be a random bits and pieces haul. There is another, rather large, beauty haul on it's way too so keep your eyes open for that!

So let's get on with it!

First of all, I bought this photo frame in the Urban Outfitters sale for £4.00. I love their sales, they have some really good deals and you can use your student discount on top of sale price. So I picked this up on my first visit to the shop. Tom printed out some pictures from Berlin and I've put one of them in this. 

(I couldn't find an online link for this, sorry)

On my second visit to Urban Outfitters I picked up this Fox Money Box. I was in there to buy a present for my friend for her birthday but as this was only £4.00 I bought it for myself.. naughty! I've had a few comments that this looks like a cat... I really don't think it does haha. But it's already pretty much full of copper as I transferred a load in to it which had previously been stored in old cotton bud boxes! 

I think this is really unique and a little bit creepy... I like creepy things. They also had an owl money box in the sale for £4.00 which I might go back and buy on my break one day this week... It also matches my room because it's green.

On that same trip, I picked up these Pom Pom fairy lights. I have to admit, this was totally blog related. I see people's pictures with fairy lights in the background and thought I must pic some up! For £5.00 I didn't think these were bad! They had them in pink too and some flower designs but these were the closest to what I was looking for. You'll be seeing these in the background of my pictures soon!

These were £5.00 in the sale reduced from £18.00. Would anyone have payed £18.00 for these? I doubt it. Considering they don't include the 3 AA batteries you need for them either... a bit cheeky I have to say! 

(I couldn't find a link for these online)

Another eBay purchase here, I bought these lenses for my iPhone for Berlin. The predicted delivery was 31st of December but I didn't receive them until the 10th of Jan. I wasn't best pleased I have to say. I emailed the seller around the 6th Jan and asked for a refund as I no longer needed them (I'd already left for Berlin at this point) and I'd presumed they'd been lost in the post. The seller replied saying they hadn't been lost and they were late arriving because of the Christmas post. After leaving it a few more days I hadn't received them and I emailed again. Finally I got a refund and guess what? They turned up a few days later! 

I felt a little guilty that I basically got them for free. But I wasn't going to email the seller as I no longer had a use for them. I have however, been having a play around with these lenses and they're actually really good! The macro lens is my favourite, it's excellent so they may come in useful for my blog.  

There lenses were £7.99 and you get fish eye, wide angle and a macro lens. To be honest, I would recommend them regardless of my delivery problems because thinking back now, it was probably the time of the year that delayed them. 

If you're interested to buy these you can from this seller - LINK

Also from eBay I bought this really cute cushion cover. It's soo pretty and only cost £1.99!

It's really detailed and intricate and they have a variety of colours to choose from! I really want to buy some more! I used to have a blue one but I spilt something on it and it couldn't go in the washer so that's why I bought this black one!

You can buy this online HERE

Lastly, whilst in Berlin on my birthday we went to the Hard Rock cafe for dinner. We ordered cocktails and you could pay a little extra for the souvenir glasses. So Tom did and this is the one I got. It says 'Hurricane' on it, the name of the Cocktail I had (which was very nice I must say) and I just think it's really cool! I'm thinking about putting flowers in it in my room as it's quite a large glass but I might just save it for drinking in haha!

So that's all the random bits and pieces I've pieced up over the last few weeks! 
I really need to tone down the spending a bit. One of my resolutions was to do other things than shopping... not going too well I must admit. 

I'm still waiting for the MAC All Fired Up lipstick to come back in stock in the Selfridges near me. I wanted to include it in my next beauty haul but it doesn't look like it will be :(

Anyway, I'll see you next time, 
Leanne x


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