Glade Winter Scents!

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Since I wrote THIS post on my Yankee Candle collection, I thought I'd write another post on some of my favourite Glade candles!

I've been through quite a lot of these Glade candles, when they're on offer I just go wild and buy about 3 every time I visit Morrisons. They're quite expensive for the size which is why I usually wait until they're on offer for £2. 

This year their limited editions are 'Spiced Pomegranate' which is my favourite, it's so nice. I must have used about 5 of these and they also have one called 'Wild Berry' I think. This one smells lovely too, I just prefer the pomegranate one. I've also tried one called something like 'Apple and Cinnamon' which is so festive in scent.

As I've mentioned though, this Spiced Pomegranate candle is my favourite. It's fruity and also fresh, it's not overly sweet or heavy. Although they're pretty small the scent can fill a rather large sized room. The only thing that disappoints me is how they burn away so fast. If you have these burning for about 8 hours a day you'll probably get 3 days out of it. But they will be a good 3 days, mark my words! 

If you haven't seen these or you have but not shown any interest, you should definitely go and have a sniff because you"ll probably love the scent too.

Also, I thought I'd give a quick mention to this Glade air freshener. I have it in the scent 'Spiced apple and cinnamon'. I used to have a posh little room spray from Home Sense but that ran out so I just picked this up for over Christmas.

The scent is really nice but it's not very powerful. It will definitely freshen up a room but it doesn't leave a lingering scent for very long like some room sprays do. When it's just been sprayed though it does smell really nice, I'd describe it was rustic and woody. I just wish it was a little more powerful in scent. 

I love to spray this around my room in the morning to freshen the place up and it works great for that. It's not going to mask anything major though. 

What is your favourite wintery scent? 

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