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Hello everyone!

I have a haul post for you today! Just a few beauty related things I've picked up recently which I thought I'd show you. I have quite a lot of bits and pieces from the sales and from my birthday money but I thought I'd split it up over a few posts so you don't get bored reading one huge post! Also, at the time of writing this, I hadn't took pictures of everything and these seemed to group together the best. 

Anyway, you came here to see a haul so let's get on with it!

Firstly, Chanel Chance. I have a few justifications for this purchase. 1. It was a 21st birthday present to me, from me. 2. I bought it from duty free at the airport, therefore it was significantly cheaper than on the high street where I would have probably bought it anyway. 3. I was a little delirious and impulsive from waking up at 5.30am and not having a coffee. So there, I am redeemed.  

Regardless of it's extortionate price tag, this is a beautiful perfume and for a 50ml bottle, it's worth every pound I spent on it (£45 to be exact). It's one of them purchases that I know I'd have regretted not picking up if I didn't buy it. It's my most luxurious perfume to date, and I just love it. I was eyeing Chanel No.5 but that really is too much of a sophisticated scent for me. When I have a posh job I'll splash out on that one hahah. 

So yeah, Chance is the latest addition to my perfume collection! 

Next, I picked up this absolute bargain thanks to someone tweeting about the online Stila sale. This set of 5 Seeing Stars Smudge Sticks cost me a mere £6.25! With free P&P too. You can't get better than that. It was discounted from £25.00 and I was so surprised to see that they were still in stock.

They are waterproof which wouldn't be my first eyeliner choice if I'm being honest but I'd like to see how well these actually stay on compared to none-waterproof and if they live up to their 'waterproof' claim. 

The colours are absolutely beautiful, it includes the shades Stargazer, Angelfish, Tetra, Maray and Oscar Fish. I really love the look of purple or violet coloured eyeliner on the waterline at the moment so I'm really eager to try these shades. I'll write a review soon with swatches and everything for you to see!

Another sale item from The Body Shop is this set of two body butters. This set was £10.00 which is a huge saving considering these pots are about £14.00 each usually. I was pottering around the shop, smelling the testers, that kind of thing and I loved the scent of Papaya and Passion Fruit then to find them in a set together made me tres happy! I've been putting off using them since before I went to Berlin until I finally got to take pictures of them in the package with the ribbon... now I get to open them yay! It's weird that I like the scent of these though because I don't actually like the taste of either of these fruits...

This Botanics Hot Cloth Cleanser has been on offer in Boots for a few days now and, in my eyes, the best time to try something new is when it's on offer! It was about £6.50 and usually it's £8.99 so thats a fair saving really. This is a balm cleanser and I've used it a few times and I have to say, so far so good! 

Lastly, I have a few things from Lush. I rarely buy things from Lush because I don't use things often enough so justify buying them. A prime example, I bought a Catastrophe Cosmetics face mask a few months ago, I have a review on here somewhere. I loved that face mask yet over the summer I was trying some other things and it got forgotten about in my fridge. Checked on it the other day. It's gone off! There's half a tub left that'll just get put in the bin! :( 

Moving on... I picked up a lip scrub. My lips are in really bad condition of late, they're so bitty. I wouldn't even say they're dry, they just don't look good. Having bought a few pricy lipsticks lately (you'll see them in an upcoming haul. Spoiler: NARS!!) I wanted to kind of make my lips look good for my new lipsticks! I bought it in the flavour Bubble Gum because this was the only one I liked. It definitely smells edible.

I also got a little pot of hand cream for donating £1 to charity. That will be nice to have in my hand bag!

Also from Lush, Tom wanted these toothpaste tablet things. The idea behind them is you use them as a replacement for toothpaste and they lather up in your mouth in the same way a toothpaste would. They had really unusual flavours and Tom bought probably the strangest one of all which includes Wasabi and lavender... not really my cup of tea. 

Would you like him to write a review on here for you? I can make him do that if you're intreagued hahah!

 These were £2.50 

Thanks for reading!
See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. Oooo where did you get the Stila eye pencils from id love to see if they still have them in stock :)


    1. Hi, I bought them off the UK Stila website :) xx


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