What's in my bag?

Hello everyone!

For Christmas, I received a lovely new handbag off my Mum, as I'm going to Berlin tomorrow I thought I'd transfer everything over to it. It's quite a wintery bag so I want to get some use out of it throughout the cold months. Changing bags is a daunting task. No matter how small the bag is, I will fill it with crap. So I thought how fun would it be to show the world? 

Conventionally, you see this kind of thing on YouTube, but I'm not a YouTuber so on the blog it is! (I'd only ramble if I was allowed to talk anyway...)

So it's bye bye for now to my trusty green bag and hello to a shiny new one!

Now I know what you're thinking.. they're pretty similar. What can I say? I know what I like. haha. They are both my the same brand, Mantaray at Debenhams. The new one is a lot bigger though and I like that it has a zip, good for the city. Also, it's still over the shoulder which is my favourite kind of bag.

The lining inside is so pretty! I really hope I don't spill anything on it as it's not waterproof on the inside. Having said that, neither was my other one and that's still fine!

So on with the 'what's in my bag!'

First, we have the standard purse and keys. My phone would be in there too. 
My purse was from Top Shop for the extortionate price of £30 and I got that in Feb 2013. The green and blue key rings are lizards made form beads that a friend sent over from Australia!

I found my passport and some pens in there. No idea why my passport was in my bag... maybe incase I decide to leave the country on a whim. 

Above is the accumulation of receipts, bus tickets and vouchers...

Food... for some reason that hides at the bottom of my bags. Along with a Subway card.

I also found a nail file, hand sanitizer, two mirrors and a lipstick! This is actually one of the better days.. usually there's a whole array of beauty products chilling in my bag.

Lastly, I found some spare change floating about! Feeling rich hahah!

Now I've thrown all the rubbish away I'm happy that my new bag is clean and organised! 

Do your bags accumulate junk or are you more of a tidy soul? 
Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x


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