Berlin Vlog Day 1 | Aquarium

Hello everyone!

Whilst in Berlin as well as taking pictures I actually did quite a lot of vlogging. We visited zoos and aquariums and some times when you're out and about it's easier to just click record than take pictures, also they're nice to look back on! So I've put together 3 daily vlogs. 

Today's vlog was the day we arrived there, we were so tired (I got up at 3am!) so we decided to just roam around the aquarium. It was honestly one of the nicest aquariums I've ever been to. It was spacious and it wasn't busy, the enclosures were beautiful and you could tell that all the animals were very well looked after. Not only that, admission was only 13 Euros per adult which considering here in the UK it's about £25 to get in to places, it was a really good deal. 

I'd definitely recommend visiting this place if you're going to Berlin soon, you won't be disappointed, they have all kinds of fish, sharks, jellyfish, reptiles, amphibians, insects and even alligators! It was definitely one of my favourite things that we saw on the trip!

Anyway, I've embedded the video on here for you to see but if you can't view it for some reason then click HERE.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever vlog! Days 2 and 3 will be up shortly. 
See you soon, 
Leanne x


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