A rather large beauty haul | MAC, NARS, Origins, Maybelline...

Hello everyone!

I have a rather large makeup haul for you today! I was going to split it up in to a few different posts but I decided against it. I love reading long hauls and I can't be the only one! So sit tight, get yourself a brew, it's going to be a long one!

I didn't buy all these things in one go if you're wondering. I bought them over about four or five shopping trips. I've been saving them up for this post. I have another beauty post too which you can see HERE if you want. That one has mostly body products in it over makeup!

So let's get cracking!

First, we'll tackle Selfridges. I've been trying to buy things mainly off the Beauty Wishlist I made a few weeks ago. So far I've done pretty well so you'll see a few things off that in this post! Firstly, I bought this NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I have it in the shade Red Square. In my wishlist post I said I wanted the shade Pop Life but when I went to the counter I really didn't like that shade. It looked so different to how it looked online so I'm glad I didn't pre order it. 

I settled on this shade in the end. I liked the Dragon Girl shade too but that was out of stock and I have quite a few deep pink/red shades. This is more orange toned and I don't have anything like it so I'm pleased that I bought this one. I tried it on in the shop and just really loved it. Very nice and I can see it being my 'go to' in the Spring/Summer!

At £17.50 it kind of hurt to part with the money for this but I suppose it was birthday money and everyone deserves a little bit of luxury, don't they? I just hope I don't get too addicted to these and decide I need to buy more shades....

NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL (Selfridges website but the colour must not be in stock).

Also from Selfridges I picked up the MAC lipstick in 'All Fired Up'. You do not know the lengths I went to to have this lipstick! I've been looking for it for weeks but it's been out of stock everywhere! I tried the MAC in the airport, the MAC in Berlin, MAC in the Trafford Centre and the MAC in Selfridges in Manchester numerous times. They must have thought I was mad the amount of times I've been in asking for it! 

Eventually, I saw it was back in stock on the Selfridges website and ordered it to collect the next day! I'm happy that I have it now :D

The Selfridges Click and Collect service is pretty good, you can order items for pick up the next day (depending on the time you order them I think), they come well packaged (hence the HUGE bag they gave me for a tiny lipstick) and they give you some samples too, I got two perfume samples. The only problem I had was when I opened the lipstick it had been knocked about a bit so it has a few dents in it unfortunately. It's not broken, it just makes my pictures look less professional! A bit disappointing for something that costs £15.00. However if I'd payed the extortionate £4.95 delivery I'd have been very peeved. 

Moving on to Boots, I picked up three of the Maybelline Colour Show limited addition nail polishes. The shades are: Urban Vibe, White Splatter and Boom Box Black. I've tried the purple and green ones and so far I really like them. I always use a base colour and apply these over that and they look really cool. I'll write some posts on them soon!

I have a friend in my Linguistics class who comments on how nice my nails are so I have a strange need to keep bettering them so I don't disappoint her one week....

These are £3.99 each and I believe Maybelline have a 3 for 2 deal on at the moment too! 

Sticking on the topic of nails but straying over to Top Shop. I picked up these nail wraps in the sale. I've never used nail wraps before so I don't know what to expect, I'm just going to give them a go and see what they're like! 

Two sets were only £1.00 and the other two sets were £3.00. 

(I can't find these links unfortunately)

I caved and picked up the new Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. I'm always on the look out for a new primer and I'd heard that this one was silicone based which is my favourite kind of primer. For £7.99 for 22ml I thought WHY NOT. I picked up the last one and ran away to the till with it before someone could pinch it from me! :D  

I also picked up this Colour Tattoo in the shade Metallic Pomegranate. This would be a prime example of the 'blogger made me buy it' thing. This has been cropping up in people's posts and videos over the last few weeks and when I saw that the shade was in stock I picked it up. Rarely are the shades I want in stock so I took it as a 'meant to be' moment. (Only joking, I don't believe in that shizzle). 

But yes, I'm looking forward to using it and if I ever buy the Naked 3 palette I think this would be a nice base for the shadows in that. Not 100% yet as to whether I'll buy it though. 

I now have four colour tattoos! Building up quite the collection. I do wish they would bring out some matte shades though!

Price: £4.99 - LINK

Once upon time when I was leisurely perusing the aisles of Boots I saw this palette on it's own little stand in the distance. Glancing at the price I saw a '50% off marked price' sign and naturally, I picked up speed. As I was approaching the palette they were being taken off the shelf like gold dust. I even saw a few guys picking them up (obviously their girlfriend's have them very well trained) my brain was panicking that I wouldn't get their in time but not wanting to look like a madman I controlled myself and only broke in to a fast stride. At the stand, there was about five left when I arrived. Then off I went proudly clutching my very own Soap & Glory Eyes Box which cost only a mere £8.00. 

- Diary of a makeup-aholic, 2014. 

All joking aside though, for £8.00 this was an excellent deal. I'm not familiar with Soap & Glory cosmetics but I really want to be. This set includes 6 eyeshadows, a mascara, an eyeliner kohl and a brush which for £8.00 is a steal. Don't you agree? 

Sleek recently had a buy one get one half price deal across their range so I thought that was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few new blushes. I've been on the verge of picking up one of the trio sets but to be honest, I can't see one of them being something I would reach for every day so I settled on these two shades: Rose Gold and Flamingo. 

Both are beautiful and very highly pigmented. I haven't used them on my face yet as I've been saving them for pictures but I'll let you know how I get one when I have done!

These blushes are £4.49. 

On that same day, another deal was happening over at Revlon. Two lip products for £10.00. Considering the Lip Butters are usually £7.99 each, I thought that was a good deal and took the opportunity to buy the other two shades I liked. Those are Wild Watermelon and Sorbet. 

These are the only other two shades I like so I don't think I'll be picking up and more Lip Butters in the near future. I do however really like their jumbo stick things so I might get some of those. 

I've only used the watermelon shade up to now which is a nice muted red. It's nice for them days that you feel like wearing a red lippy but can't be bothered maintaining it all day. Perfect for my uni days!

Two mascara purchases happened recently. The new MaxFactor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara and the L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara. As I've mentioned in the past, it's rare that I don't pick up MaxFactor's new releases which is why I bought this new mascara BUT I think this just combines two of their already available mascaras. I'm not 100% sure but I'll be a bit disappointed if that's the case. 

The L'Oreal one I bought out of pure curiosity, I love volumised lashes and wanted to see how good it really was. I have been using it but I'm not giving anything away as I'll be writing a review soon!

MaxFactor Mascara: £9.99 - LINK
L'Oreal Mascara: £8.99 - LINK

On to the last few bits now, I picked up the Origins Super Spot Remover after having some skin issues recently. It was another item on my wishlist and I just impulsively bought it really. £14.00 is a bit pricy but I saw a quote not too long ago which said something like, if you're willing to spend more on your handbag than on your skin then something's not right. 

Thoroughly agreeing with that I decided to pull out the big guns and get this.

I will warn you though.. computers lie... on the Boots website this looked a lot bigger. It's teeny!

Last but not least, I'm sure you're not that interested in a can of Batiste but I wanted to include the Plumping Powder I've bought after months of eyeing it up and not taking it home. I'll write a little review on this soon, it's a very weird product!

So I hope that filled all your haul needs on this Saturday afternoon!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your opinions?

Thanks for reading, 
See you next time,
Leanne x

P.S. Did anyone watch the new Originals episode? It was soooooo good! I missed it so much over Christmas! How sad am I? haha!


  1. The NARS Lip Liner and MAC lipstick, I am so so jealous of!
    You got some great buys, I love my Sleek blush and Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo

    1. I've never tried a Sleek blush before so I'm really excited to try them out! And I love the colour tattoos too, they should bring out some matte shades! :)


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