Barry M Matte Nail Paint | Birthday Nails!

Hello everyone!

Has anyone tried the matte nail polishes from Barry M? I love them! I have the shades 'Espresso' and 'Crush' and today I'm going to be showing you what espresso looks like along with a little bit of a Revlon top coat in 'Stunning'!

I painted my nails on Sunday and chose colours that I knew would last for a few days before chipping as I'm not taking any polishes with me. As the matte polishes from Barry M have served me well in the past I went with the black one with come silver sparkly top coat on one accent nail.

The matte polishes dry super quickly and it only takes one thick or two not so thick coats for an opaque colour. THey are absolutely 100% matte. Also, they have really good longevity. I can have this on for a week before it starts to chip. One thing that s a bit strange is that as the days wear on it becomes less matte. After about 3/4 days you will start to see it wear off, the colour will still stay intact for a while longer.

The sparkly top coat that I have on is from Revlon. I got it free because I bought 3 items from the brand. I have to say it's really nice I'm quite surprised. With only one coat you get an even distribution of glitter, it dries quickly and smoothly. I really don't like the texture when glitter dries but this dries completely smooth! I might even go back and apply it to all my nails!

So they are my nails for Berlin. Hopefully they will stay in decent shape until Thursday.


£4.49 (Amazon)

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See you next time,
Leanne x


  1. OMG, Your nails! They Look FAB!
    Please take some time out & visit my blog
    Claudia xx


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