Quiz | Stone Rose Faux Fur Long Coat!

Hello Everyone!

Since I've been practically living in this coat over the last few weeks, I thought I'd write a little review for you!

This is the 'Stone Rose Faux Fur Long Coat' from Quiz. I've looked on the Quiz website and can't find it so I think it may only be available in Debenhams. I received it for my birthday from my Mum but she gave it to me well before Christmas so I could wear it in the cold as well as in Berlin. 

Faux fur coats must have come back in to fashion this winter as I see them everywhere. I saw quite a few in Debenhams and really fancied one so Mum must have heard me talking about them and picked one up on the secret. 

I absolutely love this one, I didn't see it myself but it's definitely the style I would have picked. I prefer long coats as I wear a lot of leggings, I like them to cover my bum. Not only that, they definitely keep you warmer! I was a little concerned about it only having buttons but that wasn't a problem, they look smarter with buttons anyway, I think, and they keep you just as warm as a zip would when buttoned up.  Having said that I usually leave my coats open. 

It's really really soft and comfy I feel like a little polar bear when I wear it! However, until you've worn it a few time it does leave fur allover the place. If you sit in someone's car you'll probably need to apologise when you get out haha!

Also, I would save this for the days when it's not raining because if it got drenched, I'm not sure that it would dry nicely as it's not waterproof. Size wise, I have it in a size 12, I'm usually a size 10 but I wear a lot of jumpers and thick tops so I would recommend going a size up if you like to wear thick things underneath as you may find it a little tight if you don't, especially around the arms. 

Other than that, I'm really happy with this coat, It's a lovely winter coat for when the Parka style gets a little tedious! I did feel like I stood out like a sore thumb wearing it at first which is why I'm glad I got to break it in properly in Berlin. Now I know what it looks like and what clothes it looks best with I have no qualms with wearing it here in England too. 

It is a little pricy at £54.99 but it's on sale for £49.99 at Debenhams at the moment!

Have you been wearing a furry coat this winter?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x


  1. I love this jacket! Can't wait to see how your wear it with an outfit!

    Michelle Wore This

    1. Thank you! I'll write a post soon with some outfit ideas!


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