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Hello everyone!

I thought I'd show you a few clothing bits and pieces that I've picked up recently along with a few accessories too! Some of these items are from the sales, some aren't so I'll try to link things where possible. I'm looking forward to making some OOTDs with these clothes so keep an eye out for them in the future if you're interested! 

Hope you enjoy!

First, from I have a few jumpers to show you:

This is the Eleanor Shaggy Tassle Knit Soft Touch Jumper. What a long name. 
This is my favourite of the bunch, it's loose and comfy and looks really nice on. Because I'm not very tall I could probably get away wearing this one with leggings but a common theme with these jumpers is that they aren't very long so if you're a tall person you may feel more comfortable wearing them with jeans. 


Next is the Tilly Plaited Neck Sequin Jumper. This is a really pretty one, I like it a lot. It's available in a beige colour too. You see a lot of these cut out style clothes and I think something along the neckline is a bit unusual especially if you're like me and you're not confident enough to wear cut out dresses. This one is a lot longer than the previous jumper and can definitely be paired with leggings. 


Lastly from is the Evie Owl Jumper. This is a really cute one. I know my sister would love this very much, she has a bit of an obsession with owls. Worn with a pair of skinny jeans I think this will look really nice. For me, I think it's a bit too short to wear with just leggings. I do really like it though. 

OWL JUMPER - £10.00

Moving on to Urban Outfitters now, this top was an absolute steal from the sale. It's an oversized, long sleeved thin top. Reduced from £30.00 to £15.00, I would never ever had payed £30.00 for it because I really don't think it's worth that but £15.00 I didn't mind. When I got to the till however, it had been reduced to only £7.50! Had I known I'd have bought the same one in blue too. Never mind though, you can't be greedy haha. It's not my size, it's a large but I really like the oversized look.

(I can't find this online, sorry)

From River Island, I picked up this green top. I have something similar to this from Primark in red and I really love it, I think they're so pretty and dainty. Even if it's not weather appropriate I will get plenty of use out of this when the warm weather comes round! (Please hurry up Mr.Sunshine) I think the adjustable straps are really useful to help it hang better on different people. I also like the elasticated gathering around the back, that just adds a little detail to a very plain top.

Price - £7.00
(I can't find an online link for this either, sorry)

This snood was also a pretty bargainous find. Only £3.00 reduced from £18.00! Again, wouldn't have payed £18.00 and if it wasn't River Island I'd say they were making them prices up but I know they're not because it's a pricy shop. Basically, I just couldn't leave this behind, at £3, it wasn't going to break the bank and green and black are my favourite colours. I'm really looking forward to wearing this, it's so cool!

Lastly, these weren't from the sale but I'm developing a hidden love of rings at the moment. Any kind of ring, gold, silver, finger topper, normal etc I just love them! So I picked up these! I really have enjoyed wearing them, the only qualm I have is that they make your finger green! If you paint the inside of the ring with clear nail polish though that soon sorts out the problem. 

Pack of 6 - £4.00 - LINK
Cross over midi rings - £3.00 - LINK
Triangle midi ring - £2.00 LINK
Double bar midi ring - £2.00 - LINK
Twig midi ring - £2.00 - LINK

So that's everything! 
Have you picked up any good deals in the sales this January?

Thanks for reading,
See you next time, 
Leanne x


  1. Love the rings you picked up !!!
    I might have to go searching for some similar !

    Alex ox.

    1. Thanks! I have a bit of an obsession with them at the moment, keep on picking them up everywhere I see them! x


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