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I've had this post in my drafts for ages and I've finally got round to taking the pictures for it! This is the Sanctuary Mande Lular Sensuous Body Souffle and I've been using this product for a good few months now so I thought I'd let you all know my thoughts!

This is one of the very first products I've ever tried by Sanctuary and definitely one of the most luxurious body souffles I've used. I picked this up because Sanctuary had an offer on where if you spent over £10 you received this for free. I'm not going to lie, it's unlikely that I would have picked it up otherwise. However, now I've been using it for a while I feel like I would definitely buy it again... I need to get out of these expensive tastes!

I use this in the same way I would a body butter. After I've had a shower and I've dried off I rub this into my skin the same way I would a moisturiser. I don't really understand the difference between a butter/moisturiser and a souffle. I really don't think there's much difference to be honest. If anyone would like to enlighten me that would be great haha. 

This products claims to be 'a sensuous blend of shea butter, moisturising vitamin E and exotic spices easily absorbs to leave skin feeling deeply moisturised, beautifully soft and sensuously fragranced'. I can definitely agree with all of them claims. This is such a thick cream, it feels like you're really treating your skin when you use it. I particularly like to use it on my legs after shaving them. This helps to replenish them and replace the moisture. The next morning my legs feel so smooth, it's great.

 The only claim I don't absolutely agree with is the 'easily absorbs' part. Your skin may well absorb the benefits of this quickly but it does leave a residue behind as it doesn't totally absorb like a normal moisturiser would. I don't mind that, I actually quite enjoy chilling out in some pyjamas and letting this take its time to soak in. But if you're not a fan of things that don't dry quickly this may annoy you.

It's got quite a strong scent. It's a lovely scent though and I've had compliments off my sister when I've put this on saying that it smells really nice but just be aware that it is a noticeable scent. It lingers on your skin and you still get whiffs of it in the morning. They mention that is has 'exotic spices' in it and now that I've read that it does have a spicy twinge to the scent. It's unusual and I didn't notice it until I read the description, I always thought it was quite citrusy. Regardless, it's a really nice scent to be applying to your skin.

I don't use this product on my arms, the reason being I have quite sensitive skin on my arms and it easy gets agitated. Although this is a really luxurious product, its strong scent and thickness does put me off using it on problem areas For everywhere else though it's absolutely fine. 

Value wise, I actually think this is fairly good value for your money. You get 475ml in this container for £11.00. The trick with this is that a little goes a long way. It's so thick that you really don't need to apply too much, it blends in well and covers a lot of area. You can see how little I've used in the picture above and I've been using it for about 2/3 months now (not daily, probably 3/4 times a week). So if you look at it in that way, £11.00 is a little easier to part with!

Overall, I think I would pick this up again in the future. At the moment I'm making my way through a few different products like this so it won't be in the fear future, in a few months though when it's all used up I think I would buy it again. I'd really recommend it if you're on the hunt for a little bit of luxury!

You can buy this at Boots for £11.00
You can also have a little peruse of the brand's website HERE

Have you tried anything from Sanctuary?
What's your favourite item?

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