Holmfirth, West Yorkshire Vlog & Jewellery Haul!

Hello everyone!
My Mum has Thursdays off work and I have Thursdays off university so that's the one day in the week that we usually go shopping or go for a sauna or visit somewhere. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Holmfirth for the day, I was on the hunt for a black stoned ring and my Mum had bought a ring herself from a little shop in Holmfirth a couple of years ago so we went for a mooch around there hoping to find a ring that I liked!
I took a few pictures and some videos of us driving there which you can see below. I wanted to record the whole day but I just felt a bit funny whipping my camera out! So I didn't! Also, I've included some pictures of the rings I bought!

We stopped at a place called Compo's Cafe for dinner. Anyone ever been there? It's really nice, I had fish and chips and it was awesome!

I found two rings I liked from a little shop called Jiana Jewellery. I first saw the black ring which I loved and decided I was definitely going to buy. Then I saw the green/blue colour and decided that was coming home with me too! 

The stone in this one is called 'Labradorite', it's beautiful and looks different colours in particular lights. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes it looks green, I really like it. The stone isn't as big as the black one but I just knew I'd get some wear out of it!

This was £15.00

This is the black ring, I absolutely love it! It looks good on it's own or paired with other rings and I've worn it pretty much everyday since I bought it! The stone is called 'Black Star Ossidian' and it's just a deep jet black colour. I wish I'd polished the ring before I took the picture as it looks a bit messy. Trust me, it looks shiny in real life haha!

This one was £22.00

So that was my day! We hunted around a few shops but Jiana Jewellery was definitely the best one. The lady who owned the shop was so lovely and helpful picking out ring sizes! I'd definitely go back in there again if I go back to Holmfirth!

You can see below a less-than-one-minute vlog of the car journey:

Hope you enjoyed reading this/watching the video, let me know if you'd like to see more vlogs (obviously including more than just a car journey lol).
See you next time, 
Leanne x
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  1. There is nothing better than a mother daughter day out! I loved watching the video, that scenery is lush. I'm hoping to invest in some rings. I used to have loads of cheap ones but I lost them all the time. Maybe if I get some pretty ones like yours I'll take better care of them. Love the blog! www.prettynostalgia.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Aww thank you so much, what a lovely comment! Yeah I find myself looking after these rings more than my cheaper ones, I'd be so sad if I lost them x


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