MacBook OS X Mavericks Update | First Impressions!

Hello everyone!

I've had my MacBook Pro since 2009 and since then, I have never done a system update. Until yesterday I have been working on the '09 version of pretty much everything. When I saw that there was a new iMovie and iPhoto update, I really wanted to have the updates on my computer. On the app store though they're about £11.00 each. That's pretty pricy considering they're apps that came pre-installed on my machine so why are the updates not free? 

After doing to research online, I read that you had to update to the Mavericks system and the updates would appear on the App Store for free. So I backed up my Mac which took a good 4 hours and started the download and installation of the new system. This took about 2 hours.

I'd done some reading about the new software and saw mixed reviews. Some people don't like it and say it has slowed down their machine, others say it's more simplistic and easy to use. I was a little apprehensive having never updated my system. I didn't know if I'd have enough memory, I was hoping nothing would get deleted and I was worried that I simply wouldn't like the new layout. However, everything went well and I'm currently getting used to the new features!

I've noticed a few differences, one of which is that the trackpad has been reversed. This is a little annoying, now instead of pulling downwards for the screen to move downwards it's opposite and you push upwards to scroll down and vice versa. That's a little weird to get used to after a good 4 years of doing the opposite. 

Other major differences I've noticed are when you zoom on pages it enlarges the whole page like on an iPhone of iPad. Previously it would just enlarge the things on the page like the text and images. I actually quite like this update though, it's useful especially with my eyesight being the way it is! Something else I find really useful is it kind of auto corrects your typos. Not in an annoying way like on the phone where it will turn something like 'cat' in to 'iguana' but in a useful way. For example when you type iPhone it will automatically put the P in capitals for you. Little things like that, I like.

The whole layout has changed too. The safari is probably the most noticeable for me as I use that app the most. I think the sidebar with bookmarks etc on it will come in useful though. Other layouts have changed too like the calendar and email. They do all look really nice and smart though. They also look clean and organised and fresh. It makes me want to organise all my folders!

Continuing with organisation, it seems like that have focused on this significantly. They have introduced 'tags' which I presume you can put certain items and folders etc under different tags. You can then view these tags in your Finder. I'm yet to play about with this function but it seems really useful.

Additionally, they have introduced some new apps including iBook which I'm presuming is an ebook reader. I'm not one to read books on my laptop but I will give it a go if I see something I fancy reading. They have also put a Maps app on here too which I'm really excited about. It'll switch things up from using Google Maps all the time! Another thing they've added is a notification centre, like you would have on your phone. This appears down the right hand side and includes all the dates in your calendar and updates and messages as you can now have iMessage hooked up to your Mac! This also excites me greatly!

So they are the features I've noticed since only using the new system for about 2/3 hours... maybe when I've used it a bit more I'll find even more cool things.

I hope you found this useful, I know this was an update in about November last year so if you're still on the fence about it I would definitely recommend it. I didn't have any problems with it deleting things or slowing down my laptop, if anything it's a little faster! (Except when rebooting the machine, that takes a while now).

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments,
see you next time, 
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P.S. I still didn't get the iMovie and iPhoto updates for free :(


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