My New Instagram!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick one, I thought I'd let you know about my new Instagram page. I've had this set up for a while but I haven't really been using it because I was too lazy to keep switching between accounts. To resolve that issue I thought it was time to tell you all about it so I have to keep it up to date.

So you can follow me on that at mysteriousneonlights if you'd like, I'd be very very happy! 

This is basically going to run along side my blog, it'll be mostly beauty related with a little bit of lifestyle and fashion thrown in. You may see sneak previews of hauls and up coming posts too!

So as I said, I'm just getting to grips with it, there's not many pictures on it at the moment but I assure you, there will be.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following me over on Instagram if you have!
See you next time,
Leanne x


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