2014 Goals!

Hello everyone!

Contradicting my New Year post completely here, I'm going to tell you my goals for 2014. I'm a little late on the bandwagon, I know and you're probably sick and tired of reading these posts so if that's the case I won't be offended if you click off! This is mainly a record for me to look back on throughout the year and if I do get a few page views they'll encourage me to continue onwards as the goals don't just exist in my head! So on with the show...

1. Vlog more! 

I had more fun than expected vlogging around Germany and equally as much fun editing and creating the videos. Obviously I won't be vlogging daily or anything like that, honestly my life is so boring it'd just be like 'heyy look at me I'm on the bus' hahah. But I would like to vlog days out and weekend trips and such. 

Last year Tom and I went to Greece, York, Sheffield for his tattoo, Tatton Park, Mother Shipton's Cave, Buxton and places like that and I never vlogged any of it! This year, we already have a weekend in Liverpool to look forward to, we just need to book the dates so I'll hopefully do a little vlogging then and I'd also like to get a few days booked in London at some point this year so that's all vloggable material!

2. Reach 100 Followers on the blog!

I'd really like to gain more readers this year. I graduate from university in June so I'll have vast amounts of blogging time then if I can't find a job! So for that I'd like to have a few more readers :D 

3. Find a job.

Finishing university in June is daunting. I have never had a job in my life except work experience that we had to complete in school. I was lucky enough to not have the need for a job until I finish uni but looking back now I'm not sure whether that has really worked in my favour.... I have zilch experience. And zilch confidence for that matter.  

4. Redecorate my room.

This may be happening in the near future if it continues to annoy me like it currently is. I wallpapered two walls in my room about 3/4 years ago and painted the other two. It looked lovely at the time but the wallpaper is black with a floral design on it and the black is kind of wearing off now and it sucks. I'm desperate to strip the wallpapper and paint it a light grey colour. Green and grey go together, right? 

I'll have to get myself to the B&Q sale asap.

5. Do more things that don't involve shopping.

I am an avid shopper. It's funny because I don't like to go shopping on my own so I'm always dragging someone around with me who, unless it's my mum, probably doesn't want to be there! Also, I get nervous in shops. Remember when I told you about the time I was carrying around an empty basket in Boots? I just kept throwing things in it so people didn't wonder why I was there. I'm so weird.

 I'm currently absolutely conquering my fear of beauty counters. Until recently I hated going to buy high-end makeup because I'm sure that I'm socially inept and fail to make small talk. I was in the Manchester Selfridges a few days ago and the women on the MAC counter were so nice and helpful. I felt like crying at the success. The item I wanted was out of stock though so it wasn't a total success... 

6. Be more positive.

I am 100% one of them people who initially think the worst of everything. If someone doesn't reply to my text within 10 minutes I instantly think they've been in a car crash or something terrible has happened. It's so bad. I don't get it, it's really irrational. And what makes it worse is I have a Psychology ALevel so I know exactly what's wrong with me, I just can't help it!

Not just in that sense though, I want to be more happy in myself too, I want to try and wake up in a decent mood. Towards the end of last year, within 5 minutes of getting out of bed in the morning something would irritate me. That really needs to stop!

7. Make more effort. 

This is regarding quite a lot of things. Including my self, as in actually getting dressed and putting on some makeup when I have days in the house. Taking more care of my skin and hair. And making more effort with people too, like my friends, I'd like to see more of them this year than I did last year!

So that's everything. I don't think I'm going to change over night and become a whole different person. I just want to tweak a few things and achieve some things too!

So, have you set yourself some 2014 goals?
Have you been sticking to your resolutions thus far?
Let me know in the comments!

See you soon,
Leanne x


  1. Good luck on your resolutions! I don't know how you are going to shop less though! haha :P

    Can't wait to read more of your posts. :) :)

    Michelle Wore This

  2. Yeah that's going to be a tricky one, 6 out of 7 won't be bad though, eh? ;) Thank you, such a lovely comment :) x


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