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For Christmas, I received three Yankee Candles and this 'Sugared Apple' scented one I've been burning first because it's the most wintery of the three. I thought I'd write this post for you sooner rather than later as it's still wintery enough for you to burn one yourself!

This is definitely up in my top 5 Yankee Candle scents. Usually I love the fruit scented candles, and I suppose this is a fruit candle but the citrus scents are what really do it for me. However, I have fallen in love with the scent of this. So much so that I might even buy another one to see me through to Spring...

It's a winter scent but not Christmassy, in my opinion. It's a nice change form the heavy cinnamon and pine tree kind of scents. This one is frosty and sweet with a hint of vanilla and not overpoweringly Christmassy. It's kind of fresh too. I can't make out whether that's because it's a nice change from the festive scents I've been burning recently or whether the candle is actually a fresh scent. On the Yankee website someone has commented that it reminds them of popcorn that you put in the microwave. I don't like popcorn myself so I can't agree or disagree with that but some of you may find that analogy helpful!

It is quite a 'heavy' scent. If you're prone to getting headaches from burning candles this will probably contribute to that significantly. I suffer with migraines and sometimes this can make them worse. I like the scent too much to stop burning it though! 

Also, how cute is the picture on this one? It's bloody adorable! Look at the apple and the star :D I also like that the wax is pretty and pure white. It looks good!

Anyway, the scent on this one is strange because you need to burn it to experience the true scent. If you just picked it up in a shop, you probably wouldn't like it because it's quite over powering when you just smell it in the jar. When you're burning it though and the scent disperses around the room, it really is beautiful. 

I burn this candle in my room upstairs and you can smell this all around the house. It's one of the stronger scents that I've tried from Yankee. My Mum has also just bought one for herself downstairs so the house is going to be smelling very sweet when they're both on at the same time! 

Overall, although it does contribute to my headaches a bit, I really love this candle. I love the sweet yet fresh scent, I love the picture on the packaging, I love that the wax is pretty and white and looks good in my room. I really think I'll repurchase this scent either soon or for next year (I really shouldn't mention next year when we're still in Jan...).


I hope this was a helpful review and that I've given you enough time to buy one if it seems like something you'd like!

Sugared Apple is currently on sale on the Yankee Candle website for £14.90 (large jar) HERE.
Or, alternatively, you can buy it on eBay for £13.99 with free P&P HERE.

What's your ultimate favourite Yankee Candle scent? 

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