Travelling light | What I'm taking to Germany!

Hello everyone!

When you're reading this, I'll already be in Berlin but I've been good this year up to now and posted something everyday and I'd like that to continue so I'm prepping posts to go up whilst I'm away!

We're going from Monday-Thursday and on Tuesday it's my 21st birthday! I've packed a pretty dress for that day as Tom and I will probably go for a fancy meal on that night. All my other clothes though are jumpers and trousers to keep warm!

These are the two bags I'm taking. I believe you're allowed to take a handbag and a bigger bag when you're only taking handluggage. If not, I have room to squash my handbag in there somewhere.

Do you like my so so sexy Nike bag? I hate it! But it's practical I suppose. I saw a really nice bag in TKMaxx but it was £30 and in all honesty, I have better things to spend £30 on so this one had to do! It was only £12 from Sports Direct and I'm sure I'll use it again if we go on little trips around the UK throughout the year.

I'm absolutely in love with my new hand bag though :D It's so pretty!

First of all, this is what I'm wearing to travel in. My reindeer jumper from Christmas and some purple coloured trousers from TopShop. I was going to travel in leggings for comfort but we have a half an hour journey (possibly on public transport) from the airport in Berlin to our hotel and if it's cold I don't want to be in leggings. Also, I've packed very little due to us only taking hand luggage so I'll be wearing these again.

Other things I've packed are 2 more jumpers. One with reindeers on from New Look and another white sparkly one which I got for Christmas. I'm also taking some green jeans which I bought from River Island! I don't really wear jeans but we're going to be walking about a lot so the thicker the better is my motto for this trip!

I'm also taking a pair of pyjamas. I might wear these... I might not. But I like to have the option!

This is the coat I'm taking! How cool is this furry coat? It's faux just in case anyone was about to get on their high horse. 

My mum bought this for me for my birthday but she gave it to me early seeing as though I'm not going to be here on my birthday! She also paid for my berlin trip and my Dad gave me spends so that's basically my 'Birthday haul' right there hahah :D 

It's not the most practical, It doesn't have a hood and if it rains (which the weather says it will) it might get a little ruined. I was going to leave it behind but I was bought it for Berlin so that's what I'm going to use it for! I have an umbrella to protect it from the rain! It's lovely and warm too so I'm looking forward to wearing it!

I'm going to be wearing my hat and scarf on the plane as well as my coat because they take up too much room in my bag. I love this hat and scarf set, they're from Wearhouse and again, they were a Christmas present. The scarf is huge and so thick, I'll definitely be toasty!

Makeup wise. I've really seen my arse about this. Everything 'liquid' and 'makeup' related has to go in a clear, resealable bag. So in one bag, I put all my makeup and in another I put all my toiletries. Only to discover you're only allowed one bag! I can't fit everything in one bag! And I'm not going shopping for soap and toothpaste as soon as I get there :( 

I read online that powder products (which were taking up most room anyway) didn't have to go in the clear bag. So I've put the powders in one bag which I'm not going to show at the security and my liquid makeup in another bag. Hopefully Tom's toiletries will fit in that bag too so we can have one each. 

I know airport security should be top notch but I really don't see that harm in a blusher.

Other toiletries, I've taken the bare minimum. Deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash. I also had to buy empty bottles to put my contact lense solution in as everything has to be 100ml or less!1

From TKMaxx I picked up this little pouch to keep our money, passport and info in. Some may see this as risky, keeping everything in one place but I just like to feel organised.

It has plenty of pockets, zips and compartments to keep everything in and that can live in the safe in the hotel!

So that's everything! I'm feeling a bit better about the clear bags because I realised that on the way back I probably won't be bringing back the toiletries so any makeup I buy out there can come back in that bag!

So that's how I've managed to travel light! Take  clothes that you can wear more than once and realise that you don't need to take your full makeup collection :D

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x


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