Birthday Gifts From My Friends!

Hello everyone!

Since I was away on my birthday, I've only just managed to meet up with my friends to catch up with them. I was so surprised when they gave me my gift, it was so lovely and I am extremely grateful!

First of all, they gave me this card, it was put together on the Moonpig website. I've never made a Moonpig card but receiving this has definitely made me want to try!

I think it's so cool and thoughtful, they've obviously taken a lot of time to find the pictures and design the card...even Hector got in on the pictures. It's such a lovely gift and I will keep it forever!

They also bought me 2 new charms for my Pandora bracelet! They had been asking me about whether I wear my bracelet and things like that so I had an incline that they were thinking about buying me one but I never imagined that they would buy me two! These things are tres expensive!

I absolutely love them, they know that green is my favourite colour and I'm really happy to have a few more charms in my collection. My bracelet looks so pretty now and I enjoy the noise it makes when they all cling together... I know I'm a weird one!

You can see more up close pictures above, they're so intricate and detailed, they're beautiful and they match my other charms really well!

I now have 4 charms on my bracelet, two from Tom and two from my friends, they all mean something to me and in a decades time I'll be able to remember where they all came from and the stories behind them. I suppose that's the charm behind a charm bracelet, eh?

You can see what my Pandora is currently looking like above! I think it's gorgeous :)

What stories lie behind the charms on your Pandora? 
Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x


  1. The green charm is super pretty! What a thoughtful gift x


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