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Anyway, as I promised in my last haul post, I'm reviewing the Maybelline Knitted Gold nail polish for you today. This, along with the Essie Beyond Cosy, is one of my very favourite nail polishes. I don't really get excited about nail polishes and I don't like to spend a lot of money on them but this one I really love.

You'll have to excuse the application, when I took these pictures I'd already been wearing the polish for about 4 days so it was wearing away a little but I really wanted to get a review up before it was too late for a festive kind of polish! However, for 4 days wear I think you'll agree that it's lasted really well, I'm very pleased with it. Usually glitter polishes chip easily on me but this one is still going strong. 

I love the colour of this polish, it has a rose gold effect to it as the base colour is gold and it has flecks of pink glitter throughout it, it's beautiful and perfect for this time of year. You only need two coats for it to completely cover your nails and if you use it lightly it could also make a pretty top coat. 

Unlike some glitter polishes, I don't find that this leaves a textured effect on my nails. I can function normally without a top coat and don't feel like my nails are catching on things which is really good. I think it might be gel based which is why it doesn't feel rough after it's dried. 

Something else that I've noticed is that it really compliments gold jewellery. As my skin is so pale I usually go for silver rings and bracelets purely because I think they match my skin better. However, since I've been wearing this nail polish I've been reaching for and enjoyed wearing some gold rings. I don't know whether this is the case for anyone else but for me, I just find that gold jewellery matches me better with this nail polish on! ... The power of a nail polish haha. 

The price of this polish is £3.99 and it's definitely worth it. I've tried glitter polishes from Models Own for £5 which haven't been half as nice! I've left a link below but the picture represents it much more gold than it actually is. The pictures I've put on here are much more accurate of it's true colour. 

Price: £3.99

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  1. Very pretty :)

    1. It really is! Definitely one of my favourite recent nail purchases. And it's so affordable :)


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