Cheapest Makeup Brushes Ever?

Hello everyone!

A while ago I was reading someone's blog and they had written a post about some makeup brushes they'd bought on CNDirect at an exceptionally cheap price. I'd been debating whether to buy some brushes from Real Techniques or somewhere a bit more expensive but this post seemed to give these cheaper brushes great reviews. So I bought some...

Now when I say cheap I mean super cheap. I bought two sets of brushes, one for your face and the other for your eyes. Including delivery, I think I spent £6.50!

They look very similar to a lot of the high-end brushes I see everyday on blogs and YouTube and I'm not saying they're the same quality because I really don't know but they do the job really well. 

The face set comes with: Large Stipple Brush, Angled Stipple Brush, Domed Kabuki, Angled Kabuki and a Tapered Brush.

The bristles feel very soft and sturdy. They seem to be densely packed with bristles too. The brushes themselves feel well made, not amazingly luxurious, but they don't feel like they'll fall apart like you might imagine from a set that costs less than a fiver. 

Next I bought a set of five eyeshadow brushes. These are basically baby versions of the ones above. Although I do love these brushes for the price, they're not as impressive as the face brushes, only because they aren't as densely packed with bristles so they aren't as sturdy. They're by no means useless and for a beginner they're perfect but if you're used to more high-end brushes these may not be for you. 

Having said that, I think they feel very nice to hold, the handles are a nice length and they look very sleek. 

I would absolutely recommend the face brushes, they're excellent. The eye brushes I'd recommend to a beginner or someone who doesn't want to spend a lot but if you're looking for brilliant quality, I don't think you'll find that here. 

As for the delivery, these came from China and they took less than two weeks to arrive! 

You can buy the eye brushes online HERE.
I couldn't find the exact set of face brushes I bought but I found similar ones HERE.
Alternatively, I found this 10 piece set on eBay for £8.90 which you can see HERE.
If you want the exact set of face brushes I bought from CNDirect, maybe they'll come back in stock soon so keep and eye out! 

Have you tried any of these brushes? 
What do you think?

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • Finally caved and bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation today. Man that stuff is expensive. I actually went to buy the Face and Body version but the lightest shade is wayyy too dark for me which is sad because it felt a lot slicker than the normal Double Wear. 
  • On a similar note, there will be another beauty haul coming soon...
  • My bedroom is once again an absolute tip. I've run out of makeup storage too but I don't want to buy anything until we move house because I know exactly what I want but it doesn't fit in my current room. Woe is me. 
  • I can hear either my Mum or my sister listening to the same ice bucket challenge vine over and over again downstairs. It must be very amusing.
  • I am becoming increasingly obsessed with chess. A week ago I couldn't play it but my Dad bought a board and now I love it. 


  1. I have these brushes but i got mine off ebay. They are actually amazing! x
    Everything Beauty

    1. They are so good for the price! Can't believe I haven't clocked them before now haha x

  2. Have heard of these brushes from ebay before. They seem so good and extremely cheap! I will definitely have a look at the face ones. Great recommendation!

    1. They are really good value, I've been using mine for a while now and haven't had any problems :)

  3. oooh I have these brushes. I bought the £8.90 set and I looooove them :) xx


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