Biggest Blogging Pet Peeves

Hello everyone!

There's not much that bugs me about blogging. I love it. I love the freedom to write about whatever I want, I love the excuse to collect copious amounts of makeup, I love the communications you have with other bloggers. However, there are a few things that nark me. 

I'm a strong believer that people shouldn't be dictated to about what their blog should be like, their writing style, what they write about but I think some small changes could make a world of difference.  

So here is a list of things that get on my nerves. Or if we want to look at it more positively, things that can be changed to make a blog better!

1. Small font size.

I know it seems to be the trend at the moment to have the smallest possible writing with as little line space as possible. The line spacing doesn't bother me at all but the font size does. If I have to zoom my page in to read something, it's unlikely I'll ever read it. 
2. Pale font colour.

Again, this is just too awkward to read. Pastel is cute, it's adorable but when I'm squinting to read your post text it's not a good start. I'd suggest black/dark grey. This way it's clear and easy to read and should still match the rest of your blog design.

3. Dark background colour.

Have you noticed that the majority of blogs have white backgrounds? There's a reason for that. It's the best background colour to have. If you're a beauty blogger and you're posting swatches etc. if you have a coloured background it's probably going to effect the pictures you upload, it might make them look darker or manipulate the colours. Additionally, without sounding like a parrot, it's easier on your readers eyes. It also just looks better and sleeker and more professional.

When I began blogging I think my background colour was teal green and my text was white. It was bloody awful. But we all learn along the line.

4. Complicated design layout. 

I remember once I was reading a blog and found it really interesting and decided to follow it. Could I find GFC? Could I find a Bloglovin' link? I could not. I searched all over the page and in the end I found it in a kind of slide out window thing. It must have taken me a good five minutes to figure it out. I wondered how she had any followers at all!

Thankfully I don't see many blog designs like this but I would seriously suggest that you have your links towards the top of the page.

5. Reviews of items without swatches. 

When I'm reviewing a product I try my very best to get a swatch of it or a demo picture in my posts. People read your blogs to see what an item performs like before they purchase it for themselves. They probably don't click on your post to look at five differently angled photos of the packaging. 

This bugs me so much! It's definitely my biggest blogging pet peeve when I'm reading a post about a lipstick or an eyeshadow and there's no swatches. 

I'm not referring to haul posts or anything like that, I mean actual reviews of a single product. Please please please try to include some swatches.

6. Unfollowing.

I'm not bothered about how many followers I have, I've been doing this for two years now and only recently have I gained quite a few new readers. I do however try to follow everyone back. On GFC I haven't been able to recently because it isn't letting me follow anyone for reasons unknown to mankind. BUT I do aim to return follows. 

What bugs me is when I follow someone back and the next day they've unfollowed me! What?! Did you not look at what I write about before you followed me? Who has the patience to keep on top of who they've followed so they can unfollow you the next day?

Additionally, it bugs me when I get an email saying I have a new follower and I go online a few hours later to return the follow (as I can't on the bloglovin app) and they've unfollowed already !! I obviously didn't get there quick enough! Argh!!! Why!!!!


As I've said, I'm not being mean here, I honestly don't think people should be constrained regarding their very own blog. I just think that if you're writing something to be read, make it readable. Provide people with swatches of the products you're reviewing and stop following people just to get a follow back, it only clogs up your newsfeed.

What are your blogging pet peeves? 
Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. I agree about not being able to find a GFC button. I always like to follow the actual blog if I can...I dont't mind following via bloglovin and it is handy but nothing beats following the original blog and I find it so annoying when I can't find a button anywhere to follow the blog because chances are I won't search for the blog to see if there's a new post! Glad I'm not the only one who feels like this haha! xx

    1. Definitely, I hardly remember the names of blogs anyway so if I can't find the GFC or Bloglovin' links there's no way I'll think to search for it again! Xx

  2. Ive been reading blogs for such a long time and I completely agree with every single one :) specially the ones about the swatches and the font!
    Love your blog! x

  3. So on point!! I never understand when people mention products, or their social media yet don't add links to the text?? Is that me being picky, or too lazy to go find it for myself.....

    Charlotte x

    1. I agree, a link would definitely be useful haha! Xx


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