Essence Flirty Pink | Lipstick Week | No.2

Hello everyone!

This is day 2 of my Lipstick Week series! Yesterday I talked about MAC's Candy Yum Yum, a very popular shade and the newest MAC lipstick to my collection. 

Today I'm going to talk about an Essence lipstick in the shade Flirty Pink. Considerably cheaper than yesterday's post but still something I enjoy to wear.

I'd consider this to be a berry lipstick but more on the pink side of the berry spectrum, I think it will be lovely throughout Autumn. 

It's quite shimmery, it has flecks of fine silver glitter running through it but it doesn't show up glittery on the lips, just slightly shimmery/shiny. 

I love this lipstick for a few reasons. One, it smells divine... definitely a sweet bubblegum scent to this, I could probably eat it. Secondly, it feels lovely on the lips, it's quite moisturising. I'm a big wearer of matte lipsticks so when I wear something that isn't matte I really notice a pleasant difference. 

The lipstick stays around for quite a while but, as you can imagine, it does wear away. The picture above is after about 5 hours wear. 

Overall, I really like these Essence lipsticks and for £1.99 they're great value, I think. I also have another shade to review but I haven't tried that one yet. 

Have you tried any Essence lipsticks?
What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. wow i cant believe how cheap this is! it looks gorgeous! id love it if youd comment back xx


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