Sleek Heartbreaker | Lipstick Week | No.7

Hello everyone!

Today's the last post of Lipstick Week! Have you enjoyed this series? I certainly have. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Today I'm showing you a Sleek lipstick and the shade is Heartbreaker! 

It's a beautiful vibrant, matte, pink colour... seems to be a common theme amongst these lipstick posts haha but this is more of a hot pink than any of the others I've reviewed. 

Although I love the colour of this lipstick it's definitely one of the driest formulas I've ever tried. It's quite difficult to apply as you have to really drag it across your lips. Once it's on it does feel really dry too which is why I rarely ever wear it. 

I think this would be much nicer if a moisturiser was applied over the top such as the Babylips just to make it more comfortable.

This really is a gorgeous shade, I just wish the formula was a bit nicer to wear. 

Have you tried any of the matte Sleek lipsticks? Are they all this dry? I've tried one of their creamy formulas and they're totally fine.

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x
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