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Hello everyone!

I have a restaurant review for you today. A new place opened in Manchester called Tops on Portland Street (closer to the Oxford Rd end than Piccadilly), and it's an all you can eat buffet. 

Think Red Hot World Buffet but, in my opinion, a lot nicer.

The restaurant is pretty big inside and there's loads of places to sit, from tables for two to places for large groups of people.

I'd say the food part is a bit smaller than Red Hot World Buffet but I think that the selection of food was more appealing and the food itself was a lot nicer.

When I go to places like this it's mostly the Chinese-ish food that I enjoy. I like the spring rolls, noodles, curries etc and I'm always disappointed at RHWB as everything has prawns in it which I don't really like! At Tops though there was a brilliant selection of all kinds of things.

They also had foods such as Indian, Italian, Japanese, British and a whole lot more.

Here are a few pictures I took:

So the prices for this place are pretty typical really. We went midday on a Thursday and it was about £7.99 each if I remember correctly. However then I bought 3 large cokes which amounted to about £9.00 which obviously made the bill not so cheap. If you get a jug of water though you probably won't pay for that. 

Overall, I really really enjoyed Tops and if I had to choose between RHWB and Tops I would always choose Tops as I found it much nicer. 

One downfall, for me, was the service. Not that they weren't good at their job but hardly any of them spoke good English so when you were asking for things communication could be difficult. Other than that, I have no qualms!

Tops All You Can Eat Buffet

Have you been to Tops yet?
What's your favourite world buffet place?

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Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day!

  • Got some crafty ideas flowing today! Keep your eyes peeled for some DIY posts!
  • Trip to Ikea later, love a good Ikea trip :D
  • Had some honey flavoured Greek style yogurt with sliced peaches for my breakfast today. It was so yummy. 
  • My eyes are really really itchy today and they were yesterday too. Not sure what's started it off but I can't wear makeup as it irritates :(
  • I'm in the mood for Chinese take out after writing this post!


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