DIY Firefly Light!

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to show you a really cute and cheap firefly light. I've seen this done in numerous different ways including the glow paint method but in all honesty I think this way is much easier.

This is the most ridiculously easy thing to make, it takes minimal effort. Everything is from Ikea and costs a grand total of £5.

You'll probably find these items next to each other in the light section of Ikea as I think the glass bottle is actually assigned for putting lights in due to its wide neck.

The bottle cost £1 and the RAMSTA lights cost £4.00. There were lots of different designs and colour to choose from but I quite enjoy the white lights.

All that's left to do is buy 2 AA batteries which are not included. Unwrap your lights and I'd suggest that you open them out and stretch them before putting them in the glass bottle because they'll all just stick together. You want it to be a mish mash with the lights shining in all directions.

With the excess wire I just wrapped it around the top of the bottle. This seemed like the tidiest thing to do however you could gather it all behind the glass. It's up to you.

And that's it. Pips squeak!

Hope you enjoyed this post, even if you've seen this done before I may have lead you in the right direction as to where the items are cheap to buy!

Let me know in the comments if you've made any cool creations with fairy lights :D

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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