Huge Haul! Ft. & Primark!

Hello everyone!

Today I have a haul post for you! I feel like I've done quite a lot of shopping recently, the reason being I start my new job on Monday (argh the fear) and I needed to basically collect a new wardrobe of appropriate teaching clothes. It's been a pricy experience but I'm extremely happy with everything and I think I'm just about done now. 

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Okay so I'll start with my order which consists of a lot of dresses!

When I placed this order I bought everything in the sale and everything was £8.00 or less. On top of that, I had a 20% off code so most of these dresses were around £6.40 each! That kinda beats Primark these days!

These first three are probably my favourites especially the pink one. They're all shift dresses so they look boxy but when they're on they look really nice. 

These next three are more flowy/skater style. I really love the aztec one in the middle I think it will work well throughout all the seasons paired with different things. The blue one on the right is made of a really clingy material so I'm not sure now I'll get on with it. It has a pretty pattern though!

These last three are miscellaneous in style. The check dress on the left is my least favourite of them all because the seam doesn't run straight through the middle so it looks uneven. It's also very big for a size 10. 

The paisley print dress in the middle I love. It's a great autumn piece and it's made of thick material! The floral skater dress on the right I think it adorable. Not my usual thing but I think it will be perfect for working in a school. 

That rounds up my Boohoo experience. Overall, I'm really happy with my purchases at the prices I payed. Had I bought these at full price I don't think I'd be as enthusiastic because some of the dresses are made of really thin material and feel quite cheap. Some of them are great, like the bright pink dress, the aztec dress and the paisley print dress feel really high quality but some of the others really don't. As it is though, I can't complain for what I payed and I've ordered items from Boohoo before which I absolutely love. 


Before we go on to Primark, I'll show you my lonely little M&S piece.

My mum actually bought me this top because she accidentally put a hole in one of my other tops, bless her. I really like it! It looks classy and sophisticated and I can't wait to wear it. This was about £8.00 I think. 


Now I have a few bits from Primark:

I bought two tops, the first is a sheer shirt with a butterfly print on it. My sister bought the same one for college too. This was only £5.00 reduced from £10.00. Would never have payed a tenner but I think £5.00 is a great price. 

The tank top stood out to me because I liked the pattern on it. This was £4.00 and they had loads of different styles so I might go back for some more one day.

I then proceeded to buy three cardigans. I know it sounds excessive but I will get my wear out of these at work and at home. I bought them in navy, mint and black. These were £6.00 each.

Scarves. I am aware that we're not in scarf weather yet but last year I so wanted a tartan scarf and couldn't find one so I saw these I decided to pick them both up. Excessive much? The green one was £5.00 and the red one was £6.00. I love them both very much. 

I know you're laughing. If you read the 'thoughts of the day' section of my posts you'll know that I recently spent three days re-watching all the Harry Potter films. 

When I was in the pyjama section in Primark I saw these and I knew I just had to. I have zero intentions of wearing these for bed... I'll be sporting them in my actual life! The sweater was £8.00 and the t-shirt was £5.00.

They also had pants too but I decided that was a bit too far... 


And that rounds up my haul post! I hope this was enjoyable to read or even if you just looked at the pictures. Let me know if you'd find links to things helpful in this type of post. I used to link everything but it took me ages and I didn't know if people even clicked on them so I stopped. Just let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! They're definitely my favourites! x

  2. I NEED the Harry Potter tops in my life ASAP!!

    I dont think you can ever go wrong with shift dresses once they fir proper, if they are too big though don't look the best.


    1. Hahaha couldn't resist the HP tops when I saw them! x

  3. Love the shift dresses they are so pretty. All these tartan prints are getting me so excited for winter!
    Oh my god I NEED those HP tops in my life. Me and my friend would actually wear them everyday! I really love your blog! I love it when I haven't been online for a few days and I can binge read your posts haha! xx

    1. Aww this is the nicest comment I've ever received! Thank you so much! Hahha I have every intention of wearing the HP tops out and about ;) xx

  4. Daisy dresses are particularly adorbs
    G'luck with your first day of work!

    1. There were so many more daisy dresses I could have bought! Had to reign myself in! Thanks, I need all the luck I can get haha! Xx


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