Sleek Matte Me Brink Pink | Lipstick Week | No.3

Hello everyone!

We're on day 3 of lipstick week! Woo, Happy Wednesday :D Today I'm reviewing a Sleek lip product and it's one of their Matte Me-s in Brink Pink. 

I bought this a while back actually, right after they first launched and I was so excited for this shade. Since then, I've worn it only a few times but after using it for this post I think I'll be wearing it a lot more often. 

Have you ever seen such a neon colour? I'm struggling to think of something, within this price range, that could match this. It is NEON pink. I'd actually say it's a pink/coral colour when it's dried and it reminds me of what I imagine the Lime Crime Velvetine products to be like (which I really want to try).

This is a funny product, when you first apply it, it's really watery and difficult to get an even coverage which is initially why I didn't wear it much. Once you've got it all even though and it's dried to this matte finish (which doesn't take long) it's really opaque. 

The only downfall for me is that the texture remains a little bit sticky. Even when it's completely matte and you've had it on for a few hours, it's still sticky. It's really strange. Other than that, I love this and I'm feeling inspired to go and buy some more...

Have you tried any Matte Me products from Sleek? 

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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