Collective Clothing and Accessories Haul! Ft. Primark

Hello everyone!

If you read my Recent Beauty Buys post, you'll know that this is the other half of the collective haul featuring all the clothing and accessories I've bought over the last few weeks!

I hope you enjoy and we'll kick it off with Primark!

I picked up this rather large, satchel-ish style bag for when I start work. There were four colours to choose from including grey, black, coral and royal blue. 

I think this will be really useful as it has three large compartments to store things in, two with zips and one with a press stud. It also has the option to make the bag wider at the sides. 

The bag came with a little decoration which said Atmosphere but I took that off and replaced it with a pretty key ring I've had on various other bags in the past. 

At the moment it smells very plastic-y but with wear I think that will fade. It's also a little stiff too but that should change once it's being used on a daily basis. 

This was a reasonable £12.00!

Next I picked up a necklace (£3.00) and a set of earrings (£1.50). I mostly bought the earrings for the wishbone ones :D

I picked up a candle in the scent Vanilla and Violet (£2.00) an absolutely gorgeous scent but unfortunately does not give off much scent when it's burning. 

Then I picked up a few tops which I thought were okay for £5.00 each and wearable for work. I haven't really been that enthused by Primark clothing the last few times I've been in. As I've said before I think the prices are going up but the quality isn't. Or maybe I'm getting too old to appreciate all the crop tops they offer...

The above shirt I bought because my Mum suggested it. I'm not overly keen on it if I'm honest but I'd rather just buy the damn thing than justify to my Mum why I don't want it. For an easy life.

What I do really enjoy from Primark is their actual work range. Particularly the pants. I bought two pairs of work pants originally from Next at £25.00 each as I really wanted skinny legged pants and I didn't think there would be a nice, cheaper alternative. 

Then I saw these in Primark for a mere £5.00. They're not as high quality as the Next ones but they're a fraction of the price. So I took my Next ones back and bought two pairs of Primark skinny black work pants. I really do like them. 

One major problem you'll have is actually getting your hands on a pair in your size. It took me about 3 trips and sifting through rail upon rail of pants to find my size. They must be very popular.

The next pair of pants I bought are navy blue coloured ankle grazer style. I really like these too and they had a wide range of colours. These were £9.00.

And that concludes the Primark goods!

This top I bought from the Topshop sale. It was £10.00 and I really took a shining to it due to its colour.

I also really like that it has a low back, I think this is really flattering. I'll be saving this for my next night out!

The next two items are from Oasis, although technically one came from Oasis via ASOS.

That item being this rose gold watch. You'll have seen this in my wish list post it you're a regular reader and I finally bought it after finding a 20% off code online for ASOS. This was £25.00 but it cost me £20.00 with the discount. 

The next item from Oasis is this shirt I found in the sale. I think this was £15.00 but I did get student discount too so it was about £13.00. 

I really like it, I think it's quite pretty although I can see where people are coming from when they call it ugly. Poor shirt :(

There's a close up of the detail.

From TKMaxx I found these shoes from London Rebel. They're just plain, black, suede dolly shoes but they're so comfy. I am familiar with the brand as my graduation shoes are from London Rebel too. I'll be wearing these for work with my skinny black pants! These were £17.00.

This is a funny one from eBay. I literally have the whitest feet ever. And I can't be bothered keeping up with fake tan. So I bought some socks that are like nude tights. They're tight socks basically. I just don't want my white feet on display for criticism and I think these will fool everyone :D These were £2.99 for 10 pairs and you can buy from the same seller here

So that sums up my shopping of late. Mostly purchases with work in mind. My favourite it probably the bag, I think it's excellent for the price and I can't wait to use it!

What's your favourite item?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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