Wardrobe Organisation With Vacuum Bags!

Hello everyone!

Second time lucky? I just finished writing this and somehow managed to delete it :( So here we go again haha.

As I've mentioned briefly before, I'm moving house sometime within the next six weeks. I'm kinda sad, kinda happy about it but new beginnings and all... it may be good for me. My biggest concern has definitely been my wardrobe. I currently have built-in wardrobes which obviously can't come with us so when we move I basically won't have any wardrobes. Great. I had been wondering for a while how I was going to pack all this stuff away and then I remembered that hoover bags exist.

Hoover bags are great for several reasons when you're either moving house or just need better organisation generally because:

1. You can easily organise items into categories. 
2. Once the air has been sucked out they are extremely compact. Great space savers when your life belongings are gathered into boxes.
3. They are easy to transport.

So off I went browsing eBay for the best deal and I eventually bought a pack of 5 from this seller for £4.95.

Left: Before, Right: After.

Today, I was faced with the inevitable task of sorting the wardrobe out. I think I did pretty well considering I got rid of hardly any clothes. 

As I still have up to six more weeks before moving I put all the items I know I'm not going to wear between now and then in the bags. This included winter items, jumpers, holiday clothes, dresses etc. Now I know that everything is organised and can stay in the bags at least until I have a wardrobe to put them in. 

I kept out the clothes I wear currently which mostly consists of leggings and v-neck tops. What I found most useful though was organising the things I already have that are acceptable for work. I'm going to be working in a school so all the clothes I thought would be okay for that I kept out too. 

So what did I think of the vacuum bags?

I was super duper impressed with the first few! They fit a ridiculous amount of clothes in them, once the air had been sucked out they were compact and sturdy. The actual hoovering part was extremely straightforward too. One thing I will mention is to be prepared for some serious ironing when you take everything out because things do get creased. 

Unfortunately, one of my bags lets in some serious air. I'm not overly fussed about this because it's not the space saving aspect I'm after it's the easy transportation and organisation I'm concerned about. I would have been realllllyyyy happy if they all worked perfectly but I have heard that even the best hoover bags let air in eventually. 

So if you'd like to buy from the same seller you can click HERE, there's a sale on at the moment as well. The seller was great by the way, the items arrived quickly and they were packaged well.

Also, I bought the smallest bags which, as you can tell from the pictures, are a pretty decent size. 

I hope this was interesting for you!
Don't forget to look out for Lipstick post No.3 tomorrow :D

See you then, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • I went to Hobbycraft today and bought a glue gun. Then I was asked for ID at the check out! Apparently you have to be 21 to buy a glue gun. I had absolutely no idea. 
  • Had a raging headache all day. Even Ibuprofen didn't get rid of it :(
  • Did anyone see the super moon last night? I got out of bed to have a quick look as it was shining right in my window. It was definitely brighter but I couldn't tell that it was any bigger. Here's a pic:


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