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Hello everyone!

Today I have my Random Wishlist to show you. It was wayyyy back in January when I last wrote a wishlist post and I've since accumulated a few new things that I want to buy over the coming months. So let's take a look...

1. Debenhams, Antique 'Krystal' Nickel Bed

This is a pricy one. I'm moving house soon, not sure whether I've already mentioned this, so I'm currently cooking up plans mentally of how the new room is going to look. I've gots big plans guys. 

I've been eyeing this bed up for literally years on end in the Manchester Debenhams and soon, it will be mine. 

In Debenhams this bed costs £700. I've found the exact same bed elsewhere for about £350. Considerably cheaper. Even if the £700 one was the only one in existence, I'd still be buying it. 

2. Ikea Alex Draws

Sooooo typical, I know. But they're so sleek and minimalist and absolutely ideal for makeup storage so in the new room I'm planning on buying two of the horizontal units and maybe one of the tall units too. 

3. Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation 

I have a sample of this which I've really enjoyed and with my impending job I need something that isn't going to need topping up throughout the day.

I've been trying some of the foundations that I currently own and they all seem to do fine for a few hours then turn oily, accentuate lines, turn orange and I'm not loving it. 

Not sure if I'll be loving the £29.50 price tag of this though either :(

4. NYX makeup!

I saw NYX in the Manchester Next and said I would pick up some stuff on the way out of the changing rooms. I totally forgot of course.

I have the blushers, jumbo eye pencils and maybe a lip liner on my list!

5. ELF brushes

I seriously need new makeup brushes but I hate spending money on them. I don't have very good eyeshadow brushes and I feel like that's the reason I don't wear it very often. 

I've heard good things about the ELF brushes so I'm going to order some soon I think. 

6. Makeup Revolution London

I know I just bought quite a few items from Revolution but there are some cool things I still want to try. For example the Hearts blushes which look similar to the Too Faced blushes. I want to try a neon palette and one of the Foil shadows.

7. A watch!

I need a watch for work and this one is just what I'm looking for. I found this after about 2 minutes of Google browsing and it's from ASOS for £25.00. I feel like I want to order it but I also feel like I need to look around more...

8. MAC Paint Pots

I've wanted one of these for ages and if Maybelline did more matte colour tattoos I'd totally buy them instead. As it stands though, they don't so I currently have my eyes on Painterly and Bare Study from MAC.

9. Kringle Candle Day Lights

These are such a good idea. They are the same idea as tea lights but for throughout the day so they last a lot longer. Kringle Candle is Yankee Candle's sister company so I'm sure the quality will be great, they also have the same kind of prices. 

I've looked on Ebay which is essentially where all my Yankee candles come from for a lot cheaper. Kringle Candles are pretty much the same price on Ebay as on the real website though. It's pretty pricy. I have found a combination box which has 4 day lights in it, pre-chosen, in the sale for £7.50 so I'm tempted to say the least. 

10. MAC Impassioned Lipstick

After buying Candy Yum Yum I feel like an obsession has been born and next on my list is Impassioned. I so wish they weren't £15.50 though. I remember when the lipsticks were £14.00 and I'd be much more inclined to buy them if they hadn't crept up in price.

11. Touch of Silver Shampoo

I'm looking for ways to keep my blonde... blonde. I haven't tried a silver shampoo before but I've heard good things about this so when I see it in the shops I'll be picking one up. 

12. Sally Hansen Top Coat

I really really want to buy one of these because of all the rave reviews and people say it does exactly what I want a top coat to do but THE PRICE. It's about £7.00 and I just think it's too much. It will be an impulsive day when I buy this, I can see it coming. 


So that is my wishlist. The list is always growing, I always see something I want and add it on but then maybe in a week or so something that's on it will just drop off it. 

Hopefully I will be able to collect a few of these things throughout August and report back on whether they are good or bad. 

What's on your wishlist?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • Kicked off my Lipstick Week with MAC's Candy Yum Yum today. Did you see the post? If not you can do HERE. The idea is that I just pick a lipstick from my collection which I haven't talked about before and just tell you some stuff about it. Not really in-depth reviews just a kind of show and tell. 
  • Has anyone heard Ed Sheeran's song All Of The Stars? It was in The Fault In Our Stars and it's so sad. But so good too. 
  • I need to paint my toe nails and finger nails but I've been putting it off for days. I've been doing some DIY crafty stuff so I don't want to paint them just to ruin them :/
  • I keep finding spiders in my room and I'm not loving it. I don't know whether it's weather related as it has done nothing but rain here recently but yeah, I'm not a fan. How do you get rid of them from a distance? 


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