Huge Beauty Haul! Ft. Estee Lauder, La Roche-Posay & Revolution

Hello everyone!

Brace yourselves... I have indulged in quite a lot of cosmetics recently. Everywhere I went I saw new things, good deals, items that were interesting to me and eventually I accumulated a fair few products.

On one trip, I bought some bits from Superdrug. I saw that GOSH had brought out some new products and decided to give them a go as I've not tried a lot from the brand previously. 

The first thing I bought was this GOSH eyeshadow palette. It's the New York collection and I think there were two more varieties. I picked this one because the colours appealed to me more than the others, it has lots of neutrals along with some purple shades too. 

GOSH New York Palette
I wouldn't have bought this had there not been a tester. I swatched a few shades in store and they are ridiculously soft shadows. They're so velvety and they have great colour pay off too. I think this was £9.00.

I've used this palette a couple of times since buying it and I can confirm that the shadows are very easy to blend and look really natural. I like that they aren't really shimmery so you don't get much fall out. 

GOSH Giant Blush

Next, I decided to try one of the Giant Blush Sticks also from GOSH. There were three shades to choose from, the one I bought is called Shy but there was also a pink and a coral to choose from. 

I really like this blush. It's a strange consistency as it's more solid than a typical cream blush. It's very easy to blend and looks matte on the skin.

Whilst browsing the Rimmel stand I noticed this red lipstick. As I've mentioned before,  don't wear a lot of reds but this one appealed to me because it's not a typical post box red. It's much more cherry toned if that makes sense. This is shade 22. I haven't tried it yet but I shall let you know how I get on!

I saw this Cargo lipgloss in TKMaxx. My local store is mid way through a refurbishment so they had quite a lot of different stock out. I'm not personally familiar with the brand Cargo although I have heard of it through other bloggers and YouTubers. This was only £3.00 and I thought I might as well give it a go. It's sheerer on the lips than it is in the tube but it's nice to pair on top of other lipsticks. It's a little bit on the sticky side I must admit.

(Left to Right) Swatches: GOSH Blush in Shy. Rimmel Lipstick in 22. Cargo Lipgloss.

Not overly interesting here but I also bought a back up Rimmel Stay Matte whilst they were on offer. Being economical! 

The following items I've collected over a few different shopping trips and they range from very affordable products to a few high-end pieces!

I knew after I'd bought my first Revolution makeup products that I'd be back for more. I wanted to buy this in the first place but it's always been sold out in store. Luckily I managed to nab one on my last shopping trip!

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette
It's the Flawless 32 pieces eyeshadow palette which costs £8.00. What a steal. I think having this will prevent me from buying the 15 pan MAC palette for a little longer. I literally can't think of another eyeshadow I need. Obviously this won't stop me being more because I have a problem haha. But this is excellent value. Has anyone had any problems with actually opening the palette though? Mine's really stiff so I've had to just leave it open slightly...

Next, I finally caved and bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation! I'm so so pleased to have it, I really needed something that I could wear all day without having to top it up and this does just perfectly. 

I originally wanted the Face and Body Double Wear but the lightest shade is far too dark for me and the advisor said it's unlikely they'll bring out lighter shades. 

This costs a whopping £29.50 which is a bloody lot of money but there's just nothing that does the job as well as this. 

Keep eyes pealed for reviews!

 When I was telling the lady on the counter that Double Wear clings to my dry areas and that's why I was considering the Face and Body version she suggested I put this Hydrating Cream under the foundation. It felt very smooth but the price tag was £36.00 and I just couldn't justify that. She gave me a sample regardless which I will try but I doubt I'll be buying the full thing. 

I'd consider this a high-end product too. It's the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo cream/primer/magical serum. I almost bought this when I saw all the adverts for it on YouTube but I couldn't justify the £15.50 price tag when I wasn't in urgent need of it. Not to mention I was a little sceptical knowing full well people were being paid to give it a good review. 

Anyway, recently my skin has been a nightmare. I think it's stress/nerves related and it was seriously in need of some TLC. So I bought this. 

I've been wearing it for 3 days now and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best thing I've ever bought for clearing up face demons. I saw results the very next day, no kidding!

I'll be writing a review on this when I've been using it for a while longer.

I saw the new Aussie Dry Shampoo on offer in Boots and couldn't resist. I'm a huge Aussie fan, they can do mo wrong in my eyes. This smells fantastic but it's considerably more expensive than Batiste.

Last but not least I bought this little compact mirror for my work bag from Primark. It was only £1.00 and I thought the chiffon pattern was really cute. 

So that's everything I've bought. You're all up to date now and I really doubt there will be another haul for a while. I've spent up! Boo! I couldn't possibly need anything else though.

Here are my previous hauls if you've missed any:

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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  1. Some lovely products! Loving the eyeshadow palettes x
    Emma / Everything Beauty

    1. Thank you! I think I've covered every neutral colour available haha x

  2. This Gosh blush looks soo pretty :) great post!
    I have a question, sinnce I am moving to England in a month and ive been really interested in Gosh products, can you find them at any drugstore or some specific places? Because I dont hear many people talk about them so I was wondering if they are hard to find or something!
    Lovely blog, I am following! x

    1. Hi Alexandra, thanks! You can find GOSH in both Boots and SuperDrug but I agree the brand is hardly ever spoken about! x

  3. I love the doublewear foundation. It was a lifesaver when I was a greasy teenager haha! I use it more as a concealer now as it's amazing at covering spots! The GOSH blush looks so beautiful! xx

    1. I love it for it's great coverage and lasting power! What more could you ask for in a foundation haha :D I agree, the other two shades were lovely too! Xx


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