ELF Haul!

Hello everyone!

Today I have an ELF order to show you! I've only ever made one previous order with ELF and that was before I had a blog so this is exciting to me haha.

I mostly ordered brushes. I really needed some eyeshadow brushes because, as I've mentioned before, I'm an eyeshadow fiend. I buy loads of it but hardly ever wear it. I came to the conclusion that the lack of brush variety was the reason.

I'd heard plenty of good things about the ELF brushes so here's what I picked:

2x Eyeshadow Brush
Smudge Brush
Blending Eye Brush
Defining Eye Brush

These are from the basic range of brushes and they were £1.95 each.

These next brushes are from the studio range so they're supposed to be slightly better quality and they look a bit sleeker. These are £3.95 each.

Small Stipple Brush
Small Precision Brush
Eyeshadow 'C' Brush 
Contour Brush

I like that the brushes all have their names on the handle so when you take them out of the packet you still know what their purpose is. From what I can tell right now, they are very soft and are not shedding any bristles. 

On to the few makeup items I bought.

I picked up the 'cool' bronzer for £3.95 because I don't have a truly matte bronzer. I've never had a matte bronzer so I thought it would be interesting to have a go at some contouring with this. I have actually swatched it already and it's very soft and pigmented.

Next I bought this baked blush in Rich Rose for £3.95 having heard good things about them. This is a really pretty autumn colour but it appears I have one of the dodgy ones. I've heard that some of these are super soft and pigmented whereas others aren't, it's kind of a gamble. I can get colour off this but I have to really work hard to get it to pick up. 

Another item I bought from hearing good reviews is the eyeshadow primer. I think this is only £1.95 which is extremely reasonable. I really do believe that primers make all the difference to your eyeshadow. Haven't tried this yet but I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

Finally, I'm not really sure why I did this. It's one of the jumbo eye pencils in Little Miss Thing and these cost £2.95. I absolutely didn't think I was getting a gold eyeshadow. By the picture it looks like a beige/nude colour and I thought it was going to be matte. 

I'll try to find a use for this because I don't like things to waste away but I must admit I'm not a massive wearer of gold eyeshadow. 

Below are some swatches:

Eye Pencil


So that's everything I ordered from ELF. Fortunately when I placed this order they had a 40% off code and free delivery if you spent £20.00. In the end I think I spent about £21-ish on everything in this post which I was beyond pleased about. 

Luckily for you ELF currently have 40% off everything right now visit website here. This runs until 26/8/14. They also still have the free shipping if you spend over £20.00 too so hurry!

If you miss this deal though make sure you wait until the next one because they have offers on a lot. 

Have you ever ordered from ELF?
What's your favourite product?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • I'm going to start reading The Casual Vacancy again. I bought the book when it was released and read about 30 pages of it and never picked it up again. After watching a few interviews with JKRowling about the novel I think I'm going to try again.
  • Miserable weather here in Manchester. It's cold, rainy, dark and gloomy :( Never known an August as cold as this before.
  • Still haven't got used to the fringe things I've had put into my hair. You'll know what I mean if you've read my New Hairstyle post. They look great but I just can't find a good way to achieve it myself. Any tips?
  • Just found it really amusing that I have three drinks sat next to me; a coffee, a can of coke and a bottle of juice. I won't be going thirsty today haha. Don't know how I've accumulated all these.
  • Finished my Harry Potter marathon last night. It was tres emotional and now I want to read all the books again. Truly wish the series could have gone on forever. 


  1. I love everything you got! I need to get my hand on some of their brushes! xx http://rougeinlove97.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Thank you! They're really great :D Xx


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