Pinch Punch!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to September! Where did the summer go? Where is 2014 going? I feel like January was last week.

It's Thursday and I actually wrote the sentence above on Monday. What a week I have had. I've been so tired and, well, overwhelmed. If you didn't already know, I started my new job this Monday as a Teaching Assistant in a secondary school, I'm really enjoying it and everyone I've worked with so far has been so lovely and welcoming. There's actually quite a lot of new staff so it's nice not to be the only one.

However, this has been the biggest shock ever to my system. Yesterday I was sooooo tired. I was in bed for 20 past 9 and I was definitely asleep by half past. I'm getting up at half 6 and I'm just not in a routine yet. I'm sure in a few weeks time I'll have adjusted to the new schedule but at the moment my head's boggled haha. It's not the longest day ever but you/re constantly doing something so it's very tiring.

Also, I'm moving house and it's looking to be within the next two weeks so everything is arse upwards when I get home too... it's a nightmare!! Sadly, this means the majority of my bedroom will be transported in to a storage container...including my makeup. BOO. Consequently, the posts I write on here won't be very varied, I'll only be able to review new products I buy or talk about the select few items I keep out. Having all my makeup in storage may reduce me to buying more though so it might not be too bad.....

So, I basically just wanted to give you all a brief update on my life. I haven't gone anywhere, just a bit busy getting sorted with work. I'm hoping to get some posts up this weekend and maybe do some pre-blogging.

Lastly, Hello to all my new followers! I hope you enjoy reading my posts! I'm currently organising a giveaway to celebrate being over 300 followers!! (GFC and Bloglovin' combined) WOO YEAH.

Thanks for reading,
Leanne x
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