Maybelline Crystallize Nail Polish in Rose Chic

Hello everyone!

I have a nail polish review for you today. Ooo, please contain your excitement! It's a Maybelline limited edition polish in the shade Rose Chic. 

I originally bought it because I thought it was really pretty and I could tell it was going to be an opaque glitter rather than a top coat. However, since I've got it home I've realised that it's pretty similar to the Essie glitter polish in Beyond Cosy.

In the pictures the glitter looks like it's pink but when it's on your nails it's much more silver. Also, the Essie polish is just a little more sparkly. If you're not up for spending £8.00 on a nail polish though I would say this is a great alternative to Beyond Cosy. (See my review HERE).

This is definitely an opaque nail polish, you only need one or two coats for it to cover the nail. If you don't like textured polishes I'd recommend using a top coat too. 

It's also quite a thick polish which I actually really enjoy. I've been wearing this for work this week and it hasn't chipped yet! Additionally, I noticed that it dried surprisingly quickly for a glitter polish, not immediately, but it only took ten minutes or so before I could function again as a human being. (wet nail polish is the worst)

I think this is a perfect seasonal polish and I'll continue to wear it all throughout the Autumn and Winter! 

Have you tried any polishes from the Crystallize range? 
Which is your favourite?

You can buy this polish online HERE for £3.99.

Thanks for reading!
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • Received a order today consisting of a multitude of dresses which I want to show you. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to take some pictures before we move on Friday.
  • On that note, don't be surprised if the picture quality seriously goes down hill. Nowhere in the new house is decorated nicely so it's going to be add-hock for a while sadly. Hope you can forgive me!
  • About to eat a raspberry turnover from Sainsbury's - how delicious are they?
  • First official day of Autumn today and I think we can definitely tell. It's always freezing when I leave in the morning! We've definitely had the last of our summery days! Do you prefer winter or summer? I'm undecided. 
  • I have defibrillator training at work tomorrow! Never thought I'd have the ability to use one of them! #clear


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