The End of an Era

Hello everyone!

Pre-warn... this is an emotional post for me. 

I was clearing out my bedroom this past weekend and I found myself just staring out of the window for ages. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and nothing pleases me more than watching the leaves change colour on the trees outside. I've lived in this house for over 12 years and the Autumn continues to stun me, year after year. 

Unfortunately, this will be the last time I'll get to witness this happening right outside my window. On Friday, we're moving house, much to my delight (not) so I decided to take some pictures to remember it. When I looked back at them they were so beautiful that I couldn't not share them with you too. I've taken some spectacular pictures over the years of the place I live... when it snows it just looks like a postcard. If I find them I will have to write a post on them too. 

Anyway, here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them, appreciate their beauty and I hope it inspires you as much as it has me.

I remember when we first moved into the house and the neighbours behind us had two huge willow trees in their garden so, of course, I could only see around the sides. One year they had a tree cut down due to strong winds and a few years later they had the next tree cut down for the same reason. It was such a treat to watch what looked like a painting unravel in front of my eyes. Obviously since then I've seen it every day and got used to it however now my days of looking at it are numbered I appreciate it all over again. 

As sad is it feels, knowing I may never get to live in a place that offers such a view every single time I look out of the window. I really hope that the next people enjoy it as much as I have. 

It feels like absolutely nothing has changed out there in the past 12 years, but I bet if I had a picture from the first day and compared them... absolutely everything has. 

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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