OOTD: Weekly Work Wear | 15-19 Sept.

Hello everyone!

You may remember this post from last week, sadly it's a little later this week but I've been ridiculously busy (more on that in the thoughts section) so this is the first chance I've had to sit and blog.

First of all, have you entered my Revolution Makeup Giveaway yet? If you haven't you can see it here. It ends on Sunday evening (28th) and it is international! Good Luck!

Now let's get on with the post! This is the same idea as last time, it's basically everything I've worn throughout the week for work. This week I managed to remember every morning so we have five outfits unlike last week's four. If you didn't see last week's you can click here.


Top: Primark
Pants: H&M

Dress: Boohoo.com
Cardigan: Primark

Dress: Boohoo.com
Cardigan: Primark


Top: M&S
Pants: Primark (They're actually navy blue, not black)

Top: Primark
Pants: H&M

Hopefully I'll be able to get a few outfit pictures this coming week but I'll be repeating things soon so it won't be as interesting but where things look nice I will take pictures! 

My makeup is pretty much the same day to day. I don't have much drive for experimentation at half past six in the morning :( Also, I've been wearing the same London Rebel dolly shoes everyday because all my other shoes are in storage, boo. 

What kind of clothes do you wear for work? I don't think you can beat boohoo.com for good deals!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • Well guys I spent my weekend packing up the remainder of my bedroom :( We got our moving date which is the 26th Sept, on Friday. As I'm usually really tired after work I wanted to get it out of the way this weekend. I only have my bed, laptop, TV and some makeup and work clothes left :(
  • I'll probably have a post up this week with some pictures of the view outside my room. Sounds boring but it's a stunning view and I really haven't appreciated it as much as I should have over the years. 
  • It has been spiders galore in my house recently. Not only have they been disturbed with us moving but it's September too; the month of the spiders. They all think they have the right to live in your house throughout the winter. Sponge off your central heating and live under the floor boards. Cheeky bastards. I hate spiders.
  • Lastly, I hope you're all well, sorry for the lack of posts but I have been exceptionally busy. Very un-leanne-like, I know. Hopefully I'll have some interesting DIY / Decorating / House moving posts for you in the near future! 


  1. Snap with the spider rant
    there's a whole world out there, we are not a B&B!



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