MUA makeup haul and review (kind of)

Hi everyone :) 

Recently I've been feeling slightly sorry for myself and down in the dumps so I decided to rectify this by doing a bit of window shopping online.. or as I like to call it 'screen shopping'. :D After an hour or so it didn't turn out to be so windowy or screeny haha. Yep, I'd been spending a load more money on shiz I don't need. 

After feeling slightly guilty about spending so much, I decided to write this post so I could kind of review the P&P service and the general condition in which I received the items incase anyone was feeling a bit iffy about buying things online. There we go, i've redeemed myself, welldone leanne :D 

So, behold ladies (and gents?) my MUA haul or review or show and tell or whatever you might want to call it. 

Hi Hector

I'll list the products and shades I bought with pictures so you can see the colours etc. I'll also insert a picture of how the package was err packaged. 

All the palettes came wrapped in bubble wrap, as were the single eyeshadows. The whole thing was sent in a jiffy bag. And I have absolutely no queries regarding packaging, nothing was damaged, it was brilliant. Also, if you spend over £25 on their website you have the option of free delivery. (I think normal delivery is around the £2.90 mark) Delivery time was excellent, I ordered on wednesday night around 10pm and received the package on friday morning. How brilliant is that? :D

Now, on to the good stuff!

I ordered five eyeshadow palettes, I know nobody needs that many but... but... :( I bought Glamour Nights (my favourite), Dusk til Dawn, Pretty Pastels, Starry Night and Undressed.  They were all £4 each except Undressed which was £3! Three pounds, you canny complain. The main reason for me getting that one is because I want to compare it to UD's Naked.  

Top-Bottom: Starry Night, Pretty Pastels, Glamour Nights, Dusk til Dawn

I've tried to capture them at their best with sunlight on them and everything but I am using a bloody iphone camera so maybe the quality isn't top draw but hey ho, I don't think it's too bad. I feel like i've favourited the two at the front, look at them dominating the camera haha. 

I actually haven't worn any yet because I wanted to keep them all perfect and pretty to photograph them. I think I'll do another post of swatches and a review of the quality of the products not just the postage. 


Above is a picture of the Undressed palette which is supposed to be an extreeeeeemely cheaper version of Naked. At first glance the colours, shimmers and mattes look pretty much identical but i'm yet to discover whether the pigment and what-not is any match. It's looking promising though. 

Lastly on the eyeshadow front, I have six single eyeshadows which were £1 each. Cheap as chips. These I have used as you can probably tell by the pictures. I have them in shades (going clockwise from the blue at the top) 8, 21, 26, 30, 1 and 2. Again, MUA you really do spoil us, these are beautiful colours and really good pigment for £1. Lovely jubbly. 

Okay this is far too long winded for my liking and if you're reading this sorryyyyyyyy! and thank you! Last thing I wanted to mention was their gel eyeliners, I think they're £3 each but at the moment they're £2 woo! I was so confused because there was a sticker tag affair on the handle with a picture of a brush on it and I was like where is this brush?! Eventually I found out that you have to take the tag off and the brush kind of unclips. Ingenious! Amazeballs! Okay. stop. 

Gonna wrap this up now. If you're thinking about ordering off the MUA website I would definitely recommend it if delivery and postage etc is your main concern. There we go, that's all I wanted to say haha.

Hope you're all having a good day,
-Leanne xox

p.s. I feel a lot better now ahh retail therapy :D


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