The weird and wonderful world of TK Maxx.

TK Maxx never really tickled my fancies in the past and I never paid much attention to it, however, I now blame my mum for taking me in there because I can not get enough of the place.

Granted, the clothes and shoes section still don't really do anything for me but their other home sections and what not are actually pretty cool. You can pick up some really unique things so I thought I'd show off a few bits and bobs I've picked up incase any of you were wondering what it's all about.

So I'll tell you the prices just incase you're reading this and are actually interested haha.

The cushion was £7, it was actually in the sale and they have various others which are about £12. It's genuinely worth looking at the sale, it's pretty decent. 

The journal was £3.99 and is by 'Designwallas'. I'd never heard of this brand before but it's bound in a gorgeous velvety feel fabric, this particular print is called 'blue flower' and is from the 'fabrique en indie' range. I looked on their website and they have millions of different prints. They are also available on to buy from different sellers. I think they're cool birthday presents. 

The green candle (which smells gorgeous and burns all the way down unlike some which just burn straight through the middle) was £5.99. I know that might be slightly pricy for something you're just going to burn away but the glass jars are useful for storage once the candle's finished and they do last a long time, I'd say they burn for about 40 hours. 

The multi-coloured disco-ball effect candle holder is beautiful, this photo really doesn't do it any justice. It was £5.99 and I usually just put three tea light candles in the bottom and it glistens :D Oooo pretty.

Finally, I bought the pencil case for £3.99. I'm going to use it for university when I go back in September, really can't be bothered with random pens floating about the bottom of my bag this year. Gonna be organised :D (for a week or so). It's by 'amy butler' and I know nothing of the brand but I'm sure if you type it in Amazon or Ebay something will appear. I like it because it looks a little more sophisticated than just whipping out a whopping big pink pencil case in the middle of my lectures hahaha.

I suppose this might be absolutely no use if you want something exactly the same as the picture because they don't seem to have more than one of most things, hmmmm. But it might help if you just fancy a gander around your local TK Maxx and wanted to see what they have to offer. Hope it helped!

If you're still here, thanks for reading and Auf Wiedersehen!
-Leanne xox

p.s. I enjoy green :D


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