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Hello everyone!

A while back I bought the Yankee Candle Fireside Treats for a little variation in my collection. I've currently burnt about a third of the way down so I thought it was time to share my views with you all. I love reading and writing candle reviews, definitely one of my favourite posts!

As I mentioned, this is the Fireside Treats fragrance and it is part of the Food Collection. I think it's supposed to be a summer scent, resembling the smell of toasting marshmallows and camp fires etc, however I think this fragrance could easily be burnt all year round and not seem out of place. 

Unlike most of the food-y scents I've tried this is extremely bearable. The distinctly food smelling candles I, personally, really don't like. I can deal with the sweet and citrus scents but nothing that smells heavily of food. Fireside Treats was a lovely surprise as it's so sweet yet subtle. For something that's supposed to smell like marshmallows (which to me screams out sickly headache) this is fresh and uplifting. 

Another positive about this scent is that it fills the room nicely. To be fair, I'm yet to find a Yankee Candle that doesn't fill my entire room with scent but unlike others this is much more subtle, it's like a background scent. Once you've had it burning for an hour or so you kind of forget it's there. Some people may hate this but if a scent lingers too long it gives me a raging headache. What I like about this scent it that I can smell it initially but then I forget about it and as I'm coming in and out of the room throughout the day I get a sweet smelling reminder that it's burning away. 

Above all, what I'm trying to say is that it's noticeable but not overpowering. 

Additionally, this isn't, to my nose, an artificial scent. I don't know whether you remember my review of the Black Cherry candle which is probably my least favourite I've ever tried as it's ridiculously plastic-y and headache provoking for me. This is nothing like that, it seems like a very true scent. 

To ensure that the wax burns all the way down rather than just through the middle I have developed a method. Although (for some unexplained reason) Yankee Candle suggest you burn it for only 4 hours at a time. I'm not being funny but if you did that, it would definitely not burn all the wax and you would be severely losing out on your money considering these are £20.00 a pop. 

To help mine burn all the way around, I just leave them on all day. If I know I'm not going out anywhere that will be the day I light the candle. That way I can appreciate it all day long and I know all the wax will burn. Basically make sure that the top of the candle is full liquid wax before you blow it out so that it will set flat... if you know what I mean? I've been doing that for the last few candles and it's worked every time. 

I think this scent, along with Sugared Apple, is one of my favourites that I've tried from Yankee Candle. And it's one of the few I'd definitely repurchase! 

I've currently got my eye on the Pink Pomegranate... I think that will be my next one. 

Have you tried Fireside Treats, did you like it?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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  1. I love the Yankee candles! I've never tried this scent though xx


  2. I'm in love with yankee candles, more so during winter time though :D makes the home feel tthat extra bit cosier, I must try this one out! great blog post :)



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