17th Birthday Presents?

Hello everyone!

Slightly misleading title, I know, but I couldn't think of anything better haha. It was my sister's birthday last Wednesday so I thought it would be nice to show you what I bought her. I tried to pick things she'd mentioned the most so I knew that she wanted them. 

First off, I booked tickets for Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt.1. She loves this series and I like to watch the films too so that will be nice! 

Also, look at the beautiful wrapping paper. It's from Clintons and it was an eye watering £1.50 per sheet but it's so damn pretty and the left over pieces I've saved for a possible future craft project. 

Whilst in Clintons I saw some Jonathan Adler stationary which was all 20% off and I couldn't resist picking some bits up. The big red fox is a giant eraser, there is a fox notepad and a set of patterned pencils. All the items were adorable and I really had to reign myself in. I'm a stationary fiend. 

Next, I bought The Sims 3 Generations expansion pack from Amazon. Sophie is obsessed with Sims and she really wanted this version because you can apparently buy a push chair for the baby Sims? I'm hoping that The Sims 4 is out on Mac before Christmas because I'm counting on buying it for her haha.

Last but not least I knew she wanted some white-on-white Vans. This is the only kind of shoe she will wear so I knew she would get use out of them. Although I don't think they'll be white for long throughout the winter... 

Now it's time to think about Christmas presents! :D
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x
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Thoughts of the day
  • Anyone watching/just watched Despicable Me of ITV2? I am!
  • I bought myself the Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss perfume from Debenhams in the sale. It was £30 for 100ml! I've been wearing it for work because all my other perfumes are boxed away still. It's gorgeous! What's your favourite perfume?
  • I'm off shopping tomorrow so I'm hoping to get some Christmas shopping done.Still got no idea what I'm buying for people though.
  • I was contacted by a lovely blogger called Bethany from The Busy Bee asking whether I'd like to write some guest posts over Blogmas on her blog. So I'm writing a Christmassy nail post and a DIY/Craft post too! Should be exciting :D
  • THIS artist has drawn some of the Disney princesses in human form... how beautiful are they? 


  1. Cute fox eraser! I'm sure she'll like all of her gifts.



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