Boxing Day Sales!

Hello everyone!

As I said in my Christmas 2014 post, here is what I've picked up in the Boxing Day sales. Some things were in the sale but a few weren't.... naughty. I also spent a wod of cash in Ikea on bedroom furniture on Boxing Day so my bank account is looking pretty sorry for itself. No more shopping for me. Hope you enjoy reading.....

The first thing I bought, which might become a tradition, is this Smashbox On the Rocks palette. I had been eyeing it up before Christmas but I knew it would be discounted in the sales. Last year I got the Wondervision palette which is beaut. This was about £32 down from £50.

Next, I saw this awesome deal from the Boots No.7 brand. It's three of the stick highlight/blush/bronzers for £15 and I bought them with my remaining Boots points so I technically got them for free..... Little gems.

Lastly for makeup, I bought 3 more of the Maybelline Colour Drama crayons. I have the shades Minimalist and In with Coral already and since I love them so much I bought three more colours that I like. These are, Keep it Classy, Fuchsia Desire and Light it Up.

From Topshop I bought this metallic blue cami top. It was £12 and I got my sister's student discount, I just couldn't pass up such an awesome deal and I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to wear it at some point. I also bought a jumper for my Mum's birthday in the sale and that was £18.. forgot to take a pic though. Bad Blogger. 

From Dorothy Perkins I bought this burgundy blazer for work. Ideally, I wanted a black one but this is the exact style I wanted, slouchy but formal? Is that even a thing? I didn't want a fitted one is what I'm saying. This was £20 and it will definitely get lots of wear. 

Next, I bought some bits for my new room. From Debenhams I bought this Orange Blossom candle and it just smells divine. It's such a nice scent but I can't describe it other than really fresh with a hint of fruit. This was £7.50. 

This reminds me of something I'd find in TKMaxx for a significantly cheaper price. It's an Indian style glass jar and I've put all my Maybelline Colour Drama pencils in it on my desk. It was £5 which isn't too bad because it does look very pretty :)

Last but not least, new room equals new bedding, right? 

My room is all white with little bits of silver and black decoration so I thought pure white bedding was only fitting. I saw the duvet cover in TKMaxx after searching high and low for something within my price range (how expensive is bedding?!) and at £25 I think I got a pretty good deal as it's 100% cotton. I almost bought another one too with silver embroidery around the edge but £50 on bedding in one day was too much for me to handle. 

I did buy the grey fitted bottom sheet in Primark's sale for £3.50 which was a steal. I also bought the green and white throw from Primark for £4!! What a bargain! 

And that's everything I picked up in the sales,  didn't do to bad really I could have bought a lot more, there were some really nice cups in Debenhams which I wanted but resisted. 

So I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures. Have you picked up any good deals in the sales? Link me to your posts in the comments! 

See you next time, 
Leanne x
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  1. Great haul :) I love the Maybelline stick in Keep it Classy and the blazer looks absolutely stunning! Happy New Year xx

    1. The Maybelline Crayons are soo good, I need to collect them all!
      Thank you, Hope you have a lovely New Year :) xx


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