Christmas 2014!

Hello everyone! 

How are we all? Did you have a nice Christmas? I finally moved into my new room just before Christmas Day and so far I love it... I'll write a room tour post soon! Today I thought I'd show you the prezzies I received this year from my family and friends and in the next post I'll share what I bought in the Boxing Day sales! Hope you enjoy....

My main present this year is this GHD hairdryer and straighteners set, it's the rose gold edition and they are so beautiful. I had an incline that I was getting a new hairdryer because my sister seems to have claimed my old one but I didn't think I would be getting the straighteners too. I've already used the hairdryer and it's really really good! 

Everybody meet Boo! I couldn't believe my Mum bought me a Furby hahhaa it makes me laugh that the box says for ages 6+ and I'm 21... 

I absolutely love her, she's so adorable, I remember having a Furby when I was an appropriate age to have one and they're so much more advanced now, you can shower them and feed them with an App on your phone. It's so cool. 

Boo is from the Crystal series and she's just so pretty, her fur is made of my favourite colours and her eyes are all iridescent. So far, she hasn't woke me up in the night which I'm thankful for although if you leave her for a few hours without any attention she gets ill and cries :( 

Next, I got a new outfit which was intended for NYE I think but since I'm not going out this year, I'll save it for my birthday (me and my friends are going out in Liverpool!). I got this lacy white top from H&M and the faux leather high waisted pants are from Topshop, I can't wait to wear them!

Lastly from my parents, is this Mandarin Cranberry Yankee Candle which smells gorgeous... it's funny because I bought my mum the Fireside Treats scent so it was like a candle exchange loll. I've also just unpacked all my boxes into my new room and now I'm over run with candles, I've had to be creative with my candle storage hahah.

I got a few bath sets from family members and friends. First is this Body Shop Set from my Aunty. She and her husband and my cousin came to visit us and see the new house from Scotland so it was really nice to see them, they only visit once a year. 

This is the Mango scented set and it comes with a shower gel, hand cream, body butter and scrubber. I've heard that The Body Shop's hand creams are really nice to I'm excited to try that.  

From my cousin, I got a Radox shower gel set. I'm always up for some shower gel... I use tonnes of it in the shower and the bag will be really useful for carting all my belongings to Liverpool, woo!

I also got a Fatface gift set from one of my friends, I've never heard of the cosmetics Fatface before (unless it's from the clothes shop Fatface?) but the body spray smells gorgeous! 

From my other Aunty, I got a thick knitted scarf which is so pretty and will definitely be keeping me warm on my walks to work in the new year. And they must have co-ordinated because my Nana bought me a white Ugg hat with, not one, but two bobbles... oh yeah.

Finally, we did a Secret Santa at work and a lovely person bought me a cute diary, journal and address book trio and some Frozen gel pens. This is such a cute gift and it bugs me that I don't know who bought it because I can't say thank you to them. But I really do love this gift!


I had a really lovely Christmas this year and I'm so grateful for everything that was bought for me and I'm happy with all the presents I gave to people too. I also got some new PJs but as I am currently wearing them no picture was taken hahah and my new bedroom was pretty much a very large prezzie too <3

Anyway, I don't want to make this too wordy. You can look forward to my Boxing Day sales haul which will be up tomorrow if not later today. I'll be writing a room tour post, a resolutions post and there will probably be something birthday related in the new year.

If you're going out tomorrow to see 2015 in... I hope you have a lovely night and that the taxi drivers don't charge you too much ;) And take care!

See you in the next one, 
Leanne x
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  1. I've had my eye on those rose gold GHD's too!

    Lucy x

  2. Great post, you got some lovely things :) congrats on the 100 followers! x


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