Dorothy Perkins and New Look Sale

Good evening! After work today I marched myself to the shops to peruse the sales. I picked up a few goodies so I thought I'd show you tonight so that you can also treat yourself before the sales end. Everything I bought is top-half-of-the-body related and I shall include links where I can. 


From Dorothy Perkins I found two cami tops, both were £6 each.  The link to the floral top is here, but I can't find one for the birdcage top unfortunately. They're made of nice quality material, they feel like they'll wash really well and they both have decorative gems on the front.

This next top is the most expensive of the bunch. It cost me £10 link here. It's a summery, boho-style top with little iridescent sequins sewn in randomly which you can't see from the picture. It's very pretty. It's made of lose, thin and fluttery material, perfect for the hot weather.

This next blouse I can't find a link for but you might be able to find it in store. This cost £7. I like the crisp, white look of this top, it needs ironing first but I think this will be a much worn piece in the future.

This next piece is just a basic white t-shirt but I really liked the black detail around the collar and sleeves. It cost £7 and you can see it online here. It's made of very light-weight material so you could definitely get away with it in the summer, I'm going on a school trip with work tomorrow to Blackpool so I think I might wear it for that :)

Moving on now to New Look I bought a few new tops with work in mind. I've only got 2 weeks and 4 days left but it gets really hot so I needed to buy some light weight tops to see me though.

First up is this white embroidered tank top. This was £7 and you can see the link here.

This I picked up this pink paisley print top for £6. It's called 'blue' online but it's definitely more pink if you ask me. You can see it here.

I have a similar top to this but the detail around the neck line is blue so I knew I'd like this orange version. It cost £7 and you can view it online here. It definitely needs a good iron but once it has been it'll be all fluttery and pretty... I hope!

Next is this aztec t-shirt. I have a few different variations of this top so when I see a pattern I don't have I usually pick it up because I get so much wear out of them. It's just a cotton, simple cut top that you can throw on with anything and it'll always look good! This cost £7 and you can see it here.

Last but not least (for t-shirts) is this blue bardot style top, similar to the pink one above just a different colour. It was also £6 and you can see it here.

Finally, I picked up one accessory which is this blue headband. It has wire inside so you can shape it how you like. It was only £2 so I thought it would be nice to experiment with and if I don't like it, it hasn't broken the bank! You can see it online here.

And that is everything I picked up in the sales! I tried to keep this as short as possible as I know that long winded posts can be tedious!

Let me know if you've bought anything nice in the sales :)

See you next time,
Leanne x

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