Eyelash Novice

I'm trying false eyelashes. I made an executive decision with myself that I'm at a point in life where I need to up my eyelash game. So I watched EmilyNoel's Eyelashes 101 video (because she has eyelash goals) to get some brand ideas then I took myself over to Amazon and today I'm going to show you what I picked up.

According to the video, Revlon's adhesive is the best one but I don't think Boots carries it and I couldn't find it anywhere else either. On Amazon it was £5.12 LINK, I'm not really sure if that's cheap or expensive for lash glue because I am a novice but as long as they don't fall off I'm happy. 

On recommendation from Emily's video I bought some Beyond Natural lashes, also from Revlon. They were £4.47 LINK and definitely look like the easiest pair to deal with. I think I'll try these ones first.

Next, are the Natural Ardell lashes which cost £4.70 LINK. These ones have a bit more length and volume compared with the revlon ones but they still look quite fine and natural. 

Lastly, I bought the Eylure 107 Volume lashes LINK which cost £5.25. They are very thick and will add lots of definition to an eye look. I'll save these for a day when I really mean business! 

I'm going to try and wear either the Revlon or Ardell pair this Friday for a night out with work so wish me luck! I'm going to have to allocate myself extra getting-ready-time to apply them. Any additional tips are very welcome! 

See you next time, 
Leanne x

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