A Milani Experience

What a sick joke this weather is. If you're a fellow Mancunian you'll know as well as I do how shit it's been over the last week. I can't cope with all this rain in July! I've bought shorts, strappy tops and sparkly flip flops and I can wear none of it! I even put my heater on for an hour the other night... that's what I'm dealing with.

Something I can wear though regardless of the weather is all this new Milani makeup I found on Amazon. It's bright, it's pink, it's pigmented and it's my little piece of summer.

I'm not American, I have no American friends and I haven't visited America in about 8 years so I've never tried anything from Milani before but one of my favourite YouTubers, EmilyNoel83, is always showing off bits and pieces.

I discovered that Amazon carried a few bits from the line and the prices were very reasonable so I placed an order and today I'm showing you what I bought :) Swatches and all.

I looked at swatches on Google to see what I liked the most and picked these three baked blushes.

Delizioso Pink - £4.49
Luminoso - £4.49
Bella Rosa - £4.49

All four are extremely pigmented you literally only have to tap your brush on the top to get plenty of product on your brush. My favourite is Delizioso Pink, it's a Barbie pink colour with a blue tone running through it in certain lights. It's so pretty.

Luminoso is nice but surprisingly orange toned when swatched. Blended out it's probably a lot different but it wasn't what I expected from the pictures I'd seen online. I think this will make a lovely golden highlight which makes a change to the frosty, cool-toned highlighters I usually go for.

Bella Rosa was a colour I picked up out of pure curiosity. There were plenty of rave reviews about how pigmented it is, how gorgeous the colour is and I just thought I'd try it. It's very beautiful but I think I'll struggle with it on my skin tone; too much product and I'll be verging on clown territory.

Not only is the pigmentation great, they are so soft to touch, not in the slightest bit chalky and they are very bendable on the skin. Definitely worth the money... even if you don't try anything else make sure you give these a go!

Next I picked up a Rose Powder Blush in Lady Rouge. This cost £5.99 and I'm not gonna lie... I bought it because it looks stunning.  Out of the colours I found on Google my favourite was Tea Rose but that blush wasn't available on prime delivery. Kinda wish I'd saved my money where this one's concerned though due to it's similarity to Bella Rosa; it's just slightly more orange toned. However, it's a nice one to just stare at....

Lastly with regards to the cheeks is this Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch. This was also £5.99 and I couldn't swatch it for you because I couldn't bear to put my fingers in the perfect powder. I did wear it as a highlight on a night out though and it was g-o-r-geous.

Swatches (L-R): Lady Rouge, Delizioso Pink, Luminoso, Bella Rosa

Finally I bought 3 Lip Intense Liquid Colours, which were £4.39 each, in the shades:

Pink Rave
Violet Addict
Fiery Coral

They are very intense colours, all of which have great pigmentation and I think I'll definitely buy more of these in the future... perhaps a red. My favourite is Fiery Coral because it's so bright but I wore Violet Addict a few nights ago and I loved that too.

So far, I'm really impressed with Milani and I wish we had the full range of makeup in the UK because I would definitely be a frequent customer. It's just unfortunate that Amazon don't carry a lot of their products. Everything I have tried so far has been really affordable, had great colour pay off and has arrived in the most beautiful packaging. 

Thank you Milani for making such gorgeous makeup :)

Have you tried anything from Milani?
What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading, 
Leanne x

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